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Sealed off: Life under lockdown in India’s red-light districts

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Oct 20, 2020

Lockdowns and strict social distancing orders have become the new normal this year. And while these steps are necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, they’ve also made it more difficult than ever for people living in poverty to access food and other basic necessities.

Your gift today will help provide hurting families around the world with emergency supplies like food, clean water, hygiene kits, and medical care. And thanks to a $300,000 matching gift pledged by World Help Board members, every $12 you give will help rescue TWO people.

Your generosity will rush relief to some of the most destitute areas around the world, like the red-light districts of India.

When a coronavirus outbreak took place in one of India’s red-light districts, the entire area was sealed off. The families in this community live in extremely crowded slums where disease spreads quickly, so everyone was placed under strict quarantine and prohibited from leaving.

That meant they had no way to work, no way to buy food once their small stock of groceries at home ran out. The virus was no longer their main concern. Starving was.

Fortunately, some of World Help’s partners were permitted to enter the quarantine zone to see if the people needed help. What they found was a truly desperate situation.

“We never thought in our minds that we would see a day when we would suffer this much for food,” the people said.

And these families know what it means to suffer. They live in such poverty that many of their wives, mothers, and daughters have been forced to enter the sex trade and sell their bodies just so they can stay alive. But they’ve almost always been able to scrape together enough money to buy a meal or two each day.

The lockdown kept them from doing even that.

“Some of them were not even able to say something because of the heavy burden and fear in their hearts,” our partner said. “Even I was in tears looking at them.”

From India to the villages of Uganda to the mountains of Guatemala and beyond, the situation is the same. People are starving.

Many parents are still out of work and unable to afford meals for their kids. Some communities are still under lockdown, making it almost impossible to access all the essentials they need. Planting and harvest seasons have been interrupted, leaving food in short supply.

The needs of the world are greater than ever this year because of the pandemic.

Will you give today to help rescue someone who is struggling to survive?

A gift of just $36 DOUBLES to help rush food and other lifesaving supplies like medical care and hygiene kits to SIX people around the world. Plus, you will bring them incredible hope during this extremely difficult time.

You’ll also help erase a projected budget shortfall caused by canceled fundraising events due to the coronavirus. Men, women, and children in need were counting on the funds raised at those events to provide them with the help they need. And your gift will play a part in making sure that help still arrives.

Right now, our partners in countries like India and around the globe are doing everything they can to get food and other necessities to as many people as possible. But they can’t do it alone. They need YOUR help to provide relief to the families in their communities.

Your gift today will literally help save lives, so please give as generously as you can.

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