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See How Our Volunteers Are Making a Difference Worldwide!

Blog Team
Sep 04, 2023


Each time you volunteer with World Help, you help change lives worldwide. Recently, volunteers at our Humanitarian Aid Distribution Center helped pack essentials that went to meet urgent needs in Lima, Peru.

Though Lima is a booming city, it’s also home to many impoverished communities. Many people living in these areas struggle to afford even the most basic essentials. To make matters worse, these communities are also subject to devastating floods whenever heavy rains come.

But thanks to our incredible volunteers, hundreds of people in these communities received brand-new clothing, among other life-changing supplies. One of those people was 70-year-old Ronald.

Volunteer with World Help and make an impact worldwide!
When you volunteer, you help people in need like Ronald!

Ronald has lived and worked near Lima for many years. As a young adult, he worked in agriculture until he became a school bus driver. He didn’t make much, but his job allowed him to provide for his family and put food on the table.

Then, disaster struck. At the end of his shift one day, Ronald suffered a massive stroke.

Thankfully, he survived, but he was told he would never regain full range of motion or walk for the rest of his life. That also meant he could no longer work. He, his wife, and his daughter began to struggle financially.

Without a source of income, Ronald and his family could barely afford the essentials they needed to survive — including new clothing. Though Peru stays warm most of the year, temperatures can drop during winter. Without appropriate clothing, Ronald had to suffer through the cold weather with no way to keep warm.

Volunteer with World Help and make an impact worldwide!
The impact you make as a volunteer reaches all around the world!

Thankfully, when a shipping container packed by World Help volunteers arrived, Ronald received a brand-new flannel shirt. Now, he’ll be able to stay warm during winter! Plus, his family will no longer have to worry about how they will provide for Ronald during the coldest months.

“Thank you so much for this shirt. Since I cannot work, I cannot afford to buy many things,” Ronald said. “This is such a nice shirt and will help me remain warm in the winter months. God bless all of you!”

Ronald and hundreds of people like him received the essentials they needed from this container. This wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of our incredible volunteers, who gave their time to send help and hope where it’s needed most!

Volunteer with World Help and make an impact worldwide!
We hope you volunteer with us again soon!

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to make an impact worldwide! Your work has been an incredible and tangible example of God’s love for so many people.

But there are still urgent needs to be met all over the world. If you’re interested in volunteering with World Help or would like to volunteer again, please click the button below to sign up!

We hope to see you soon!

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