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See How You Can DOUBLE Your Impact — For FREE!

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Aug 07, 2023


Why do we give gifts? Sometimes gifts are given to celebrate a birthday or Christmas. Other times, gifts are given as an act of gratitude or in response to a need. Gifts can also bring people closer together, making the recipient feel seen, known, and loved.

But as great as it is to give gifts, it can add up after a while. Wouldn’t it be great if you could give two gifts for the price of one? When you take advantage of a matching gift to help people in need, you can do exactly that!

When you give by Aug. 31 to meet urgent needs, your gift will be doubled up to $50,000, thanks to a matching gift!

But how does it work? Great question!

How matching gifts work

First, World Help receives a matching gift from a generous donor or grant. In this case, the matching gift is $50,000.

Next, the donor sets a deadline. For this matching gift, the deadline is Aug. 31.

Then, the donor agrees to match every dollar up to $50,000 until the deadline. When you give toward meeting urgent needs before Aug. 31, you’ll become part of this 1:1 match ratio.

What does that mean? Every $1 you give will be matched by the matching gift donor. In other words, your gift will be DOUBLED!

Give where needed most by Aug. 31 to double your impact!

What’s the impact of a matching gift? Well, normally, every $12 provides one person with lifesaving aid like food, clothing, and God’s Word. Now, with the matching gift, $12 will help TWO people!

And get this — if enough donors come together and raise $50,000, that gift will automatically turn into $100,000! That’s enough to send help and hope to over 8,300 people!

What about corporate matching gifts?

Give where needed most by Aug. 31 to double your impact!
Give by Aug. 31 to impact twice as many people in need

The $50,000 matching gift isn’t the only opportunity to double your impact. If we don’t have a matching gift offer, you may still be able to double your donation through your employer!

Companies like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Google, and Apple have matching gift programs, which means they partner with their employees to match their donations to non-profit organizations. If you’re eligible, you can double your gifts year-round!

If we have a matching gift opportunity and your employer offers a match, your doubled gift would be doubled again. Just think of the impact!

Use our online search tool to see if your employer offers a match.

Why the matching gift deadline is important

Give where needed most by Aug. 31 to double your impact!
Your support will changes lives and restore futures

The $50,000 matching gift is exciting news, but remember the Aug. 31 deadline! If the matching gift isn’t met, one of two things can happen:

1. The donor may still give the whole gift even if the goal wasn’t met.

2. The donor may only match the amount raised. That means the rest won’t be used to help meet urgent needs.

That’s why making the most of this matching gift is so important! Countless people worldwide are desperately waiting for lifesaving supplies to come. If we don’t meet the matching gift goal, some of them may have to keep waiting. Your gift could mean the difference between life and death for someone struggling to make ends meet.

There’s still time to DOUBLE your impact!

Give where needed most by Aug. 31 to double your impact!
Help provide lifesaving help and hope to people who desperately need it

When you help provide life-changing aid to people who need it most, your gift will DOUBLE up to $50,000, thanks to this generous matching gift.

But don’t wait! Give by Aug. 31 to ensure your gift goes to help as many people as possible.

Your generosity will provide essential aid like nutritious food, warm clothing, medical equipment, God’s Word, and more to people in need worldwide.

Please don’t let this opportunity slip by. When you donate by Aug. 31, you’ll send lifesaving help and hope to 2x as many people.


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