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See what the Children of the World choir has been up to

Emily Towns
Apr 12, 2019

The Children of the World International Children’s Choir has been on quite an adventure since our last update!  Over the past several months, they have visited Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and California, to name a few — bringing the tour to a total of 26 states so far.

The team ended 2018 by spending New Year’s Eve on the beach. This was the first time many of the kids had ever seen the ocean, and they loved building sand castles. Playing in the sand and the water as the sun went down was a perfect way to celebrate the past year and kick off a new one.

Thanks to some generous members of Faith Church in Seminole, Florida, the kids were able to learn even more about the ocean by visiting Clearwater Aquarium. They had a chance to see Winter the Dolphin, famous for her prosthetic tail and the movie made about her — Dolphin Tale. The children were thrilled when the aquarium staff gave each of them a dolphin keychain and a stuffed turtle.

One of the most magical days for the choir was a trip to Disney World. On the drive to the park, Bibi said she couldn’t believe they were actually going. “I feel like I’m dreaming!” she exclaimed.

Once they reached the park, the dreams kept coming true. The kids were able to meet Rapunzel — several of the girls’ favorite character — and Susma immediately asked Rapunzel how she could make her own hair grow as long as the princess’s braids. Rapunzel told the girls to simply keep brushing and brushing their hair.

In Texas, the choir had the chance to visit the Dr Pepper Museum and Magnolia Farms. Since the kids are not normally allowed to drink soft drinks during the tour, sampling freshly made Dr Pepper at the factory was a real treat.

During a stop in Austin, the kids were able to spend some time at a beautiful local park. The chance to run and play games outdoors is always a highlight for them, particularly after a long drive. The unique playground was a fun place for the kids to use their imagination and release some energy.

One of the choir’s favorite places to visit so far has been New Mexico. The children loved exploring the fascinating landscape, from the snow-covered mountains to the cactus-filled valleys — much different terrain from their own countries.

Now that the tour is more than halfway over, the kids are beginning to reflect on all the adventures they have had during the past eight months. And whether you have hosted a child or simply attended one of their concerts, the kids agree — meeting all of you has been the best part of the past year.

Thank you for loving the Children of the World International Children’s Choir!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and check out the choir’s tour itinerary to see when they’ll be coming to a city near you. You can also schedule the choir to sing at your own church next year!


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