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Seeing the world through a child’s eyes

April Stumme
May 10, 2017

Have you ever found it difficult to connect with your sponsored child?

Cultural differences can make relationships challenging. But instead of letting the diversity create a gap between you and your sponsored child, focus on seeing the world from a new perspective!

Studying your sponsored child’s culture is a fun way to deepen your relationship. Below are two suggestions on how you and your family can see the world through your sponsored child’s eyes.

1. Look for common ground

Reading your sponsored child’s annual report is a good place to begin. There you’ll find a recent photo, your child’s favorite class, hobby, etc. What sport is your child passionate about? Chances are it’s something you and your family already play or at least know a little about.

By embracing similarities, you shrink the cultural divide between you and your sponsored child. Take your whole family out to play your sponsored child’s favorite sport and celebrate the things that bring you together.

2. Create cultural experiences

Find an experience unique to your sponsored child’s country and replicate it for your family. For instance, if your child is from Uganda, try making this recipe for curried potatoes, a traditional Ugandan side dish. Or, if your child is from Mexico, you could play La Gallinita Ciega, a Mexican version of Blind Man’s Bluff.

Exploring your sponsored child’s customs and traditions can be both entertaining and helpful as you build your relationship. Get your whole family involved, and then tell us about it on our Facebook page. If you have other ideas, games, recipes, or cultural activities that work for you, we’d love to hear about those, too!


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