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Send a letter to your sponsored child this Easter

  • March 09, 2020
Sam Campbell
Sam Campbell

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One Easter tradition I remember as a kid is dyeing eggs. My parents would set bowls of red, green, blue, and yellow dye in front of me, sparking all sorts of creativity. Would I go with a two-tone design? Or would I overlap colors to create an entirely new color?

Perhaps your kids or grandkids enjoy dyeing Easter eggs, as well. As you watch them or even participate in the fun yourself, think about the new life that each egg symbolizes.

And then think of your sponsored child who is celebrating Easter thousands of miles away.

Your monthly gifts are offering him or her the chance at a new life. Despite the poverty and heartaches your sponsored child has faced in the past, you’re helping pave the way for a new beginning. A fresh start.

Each egg sitting in that basket on your table is full of potential. It’s waiting for you to take action, to breathe new life into its stark-white shell. So, you pick up the dye and get to work.

Before long, you’ve transformed your egg into a rainbow of vibrant colors!

That’s exactly what you do for your sponsored child. Each month, you pick him or her up and offer resources like educational opportunities, food, lifesaving medicine, and more. You take a broken life and help repair it, transforming it into something extraordinary.

Like an Easter egg. From bleak to beautiful.

As you celebrate this special holiday commemorating Christ’s resurrection with your family, I encourage you to remember your sponsored child. When the little ones dye eggs or run around the yard during an Easter egg hunt, think about the impact you’re making.

You’re offering your sponsored child the chance at a new life. You’re giving him or her hope for a brighter future.

And that’s what Easter is all about.

This Easter season, you can let your sponsored child know you’re thinking of him or her by mailing this FREE printable letter template. There’s a section for your child to color his or her own Easter eggs and space for you to write different things that the colors of Easter remind you to be thankful for.

Sending this year’s Easter letter is such a simple thing, but it will mean the world to your sponsored child.

Click here to download the template. After you’ve filled it out, mail it to:

[Sponsored Child’s name and ID #]
c/o World Help Child Sponsorship Program
P.O. Box 501
Forest, VA 24551

Your sponsored child will love hearing from you and coloring the Easter eggs! He or she will appreciate the time you took to write a note, and your letter may even prompt him or her to write you back and tell you about how his or her community celebrates Easter.

Get started today and share this wonderful holiday with your sponsored child.

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