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Send the peace of God’s Word to Nigeria and beyond

Emily Towns
Jun 18, 2018

“My name is Pastor Peter,” the letter begins.

He goes on to explain how he has pastored in his home country of Nigeria for decades. It is difficult work — the country is primarily Muslim, and Islamic extremist groups are on a mission to push Christianity out.

That’s why Peter needs your help. He and many other Christians around the world are in desperate need of Bibles. They know that God’s Word is the one source of comfort they can offer their frightened countrymen. You can help send Bibles today.

One of the greatest threats where the pastor works is Boko Haram, a group that has grown in size and terror for the past 16 years. They have raided towns and villages, kidnapping girls and forcing thousands to flee from their homes. Many Nigerians have lost everything and live in constant fear of the next attack.

“There is a great need in Nigeria right now for Bibles to be distributed,” Pastor Peter writes in his letter. “[The Bible] is the spiritual food of millions of Nigerians who have run away from their homes because of terrorists. Many could come to know the love of God.”

But there are numerous challenges that keep Nigerians from getting their hands on a copy of God’s Word. Most people are too poor to buy a Bible for themselves. And attacks from Boko Haram have made it risky to deliver large shipments of Bibles.

Still, Peter believes that distributing God’s Word is the only way to bring true peace to his nation. He believes that it is worth any cost.

“I would be glad to receive some quantity [of Bibles] for distribution in our outreach centers and in various internally displaced person (IDP) camps,” he says.

Over the past decade, many Muslims in Nigeria have come to faith in Jesus because of God’s Word. But in order for this spiritual growth to continue — especially in the face of persecution — more Bibles are needed.

And Nigeria isn’t the only place that needs Bibles. Church planters and pastors in countries such as Cuba, North Korea, Syria, and India tell similar stories. Their countries may be in turmoil, but they know God’s Word can bring His love to the nations.

All they need is more Bibles — that’s where you come in.

For just $30, you can provide Bibles to six people around the world who have never owned a copy of the Scriptures.

You can help strengthen a believer in times of crisis or introduce a nonbeliever to the Gospel for the first time.

By sending Bibles, you’ll be sharing a message of hope with someone in his darkest moments. Give $30 and change the lives of six people with God’s Word.

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