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7 picture-perfect moments from the front lines

Megan Stoia
Aug 19, 2022


Today is World Photography Day and World Humanitarian Day! To celebrate, we’d like to share some of the incredible work that donors like you have helped accomplish.

Take a look at these amazing photos showing how the World Help family is giving help and hope to people worldwide:

1. Reliable, clean water in Uganda

Access to clean water is life-changing for impoverished communities

A deep well provides an entire village with a sustainable source of clean water. This well, built at a school in Uganda, completely changed lives!

Women and children in this village no longer have to make the dangerous trek to the nearest water source. Children can spend more time in school, waterborne diseases can be prevented, and the economy can blossom!

2. Ukrainian refugees received lifesaving aid

Donors answered the prayers of refugees in their darkest hour

After Russia invaded Ukraine, people gathered to do the only thing they could think of — pray. They felt lost, scared, and uncertain of how they would survive.

Their prayers were answered when donors helped send emergency supplies like food, clothing, and medical supplies! Now, they have what they need to navigate through their next steps.

3. Breaking the poverty cycle with sustainable farming

The lemon tree planted here is a symbol of the help received and the hope given for the future

In Zambia, learning sustainable farming practices is life-changing. Not only can people grow their own food, but they can also sell any extra to earn an income. But learning the best practices for sustainable farming is easier said than done — so generous donors covered the startup costs and supplies for a community garden project!

4. These women escaped Thailand’s red-light district

Learning a skill like baking gives women another career choice

The Freedom Baking School in Thailand is opening doors for women to step into a new career path. By learning to cook and creating their own signature dishes, these young girls no longer have to work in the sex industry to support their families.

You can try some signature Thai dishes yourself when you sign up to receive recipes sent by our partners each month!

5. Displaced families received vital medical care

Access to medical care prevents people from dying of treatable illnesses

After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, many families fled to displacement camps far from their homes. Basic medical care is expensive and difficult to come by in these camps. But thanks to support from the World Help family, these refugees received the critical care they needed.

6. A new lease on life (literally!) for 22 families

Christians in Nepal worshipped the Lord after learning their rent had been paid

After the 2015 earthquake that destroyed many communities in Nepal, 22 families were relocated to a resettlement village near the capital. They spent years turning this temporary settlement into a place that felt like home, but recently, it was almost taken away from them.

The landlord demanded an entire year’s worth of rent in just 30 days, and the community didn’t know what they were going to do. Thankfully, several World Help donors stepped in and paid the rent for them so they wouldn’t become homeless again!

7. Food reached hungry families in Guatemala

These food bags were a lifeline for parents struggling to feed their kids

Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in Central America, and many families struggle to survive every day. These families were so grateful to receive a month’s supply of nutrient-rich meals! This food was especially important for the children in the village whose growing bodies need plenty of vitamins and minerals to properly develop.

You can be part of more success stories like these when you join the Front Line. This special group of donors gives monthly to meet the most urgent and critical needs at that time.

And you can join them for as little as $25 a month!


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