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She didn’t know her baby was starving to death

Sam Campbell
Mar 03, 2020

Jamilla knew something was wrong with her baby boy.

At 6 months old, Nabil hadn’t grown much since birth. His body still resembled a newborn, and he showed no signs of maturing.

Jamilla and her son fled the violence in their city and now live in a refugee camp on the Syrian border, so we’ve changed their names to keep them safe. Thankfully, because of generous donors, their camp has a medical clinic and Jamilla was able to carry her son to the doctor. But what he found was frightening …

Nabil’s brain wasn’t receiving enough oxygen.

The doctor also discovered that the little boy suffered from severe vitamin deficiency. But why?

As a refugee, Jamilla struggles on a daily basis. Her shelter offers little protection against the harsh weather. Clean water is hard to come by. And she often goes to bed hungry.

Most likely, Nabil’s illness was a result of his mother’s lack of food. He didn’t receive the proper nutrition because her milk was low in nutrients. Jamilla wasn’t healthy or strong enough to meet her son’s nutritional needs, so Nabil was slowly starving to death. It’s a vicious cycle that plagues thousands of refugee families.

And the clock was ticking for Nabil.

The doctor immediately transferred him to intensive care. But Jamilla’s stomach churned with worry and fear. She was divorced from her abusive husband. Now he was refusing to pay for any of their son’s treatments — and the 26-year-old mother had no income of her own.

She knew she couldn’t afford her baby’s medical care.

But the staff from the medical clinic continued to visit Jamilla and her son and help them all throughout his treatment. They prayed often for Nabil’s healing. Finally, after much prayer and after receiving the medicine he needed, Nabil started to improve. He was healthier than he’d ever been!

Jamilla is so grateful that the clinic was there when she needed it — thanks to compassionate donors. If she hadn’t had access to medical care, her son might not have been diagnosed in time … and she could have lost him. But because of the generosity of people on the other side of the world, her son received the help he needed that saved his life.

And the good news continues!

“[Nabil’s] mother has accepted the Lord Jesus into her heart, and she is a renewed person now,” our partner at the clinic said. “[She] has also led her friend to Christ. Praise the Lord for doing wonders in people’s lives!”

Nabil is healthy because someone chose to give. Jamilla accepted Christ and is now spreading the Gospel throughout their refugee camp … all because someone cared.

This story could have had a much different ending. But thanks to donors, it’s a happy one.

You can help another sick child like Nabil. Or a struggling mother like Jamilla. Today, you can give formula, nutritious food, medical care, and more to a refugee in need.

Today, you can help save someone’s life.

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