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Ship $33 worth of aid for just $1

Vernon Brewer
Aug 22, 2018

Hospitals are supposed to be places of healing.

When I was in the hospital fighting cancer, it brought me comfort to know I had knowledgeable doctors who had all the medicine and supplies they needed to treat me.

But on one of my trips to an impoverished community, I visited a hospital for cancer patients that had almost no medical supplies. This hospital was considered to be one of the best in the area, but even the top doctors couldn’t make up for the lack of necessary equipment.

You wouldn’t believe what I saw. Empty medicine cabinets. Open wounds with no bandages. One man had a plastic soda straw sticking out of his throat because doctors had no surgical tubing for his tracheotomy. I was speechless!

In fact, there were so few supplies that two staff members would wash latex gloves every night so they could be reused the next day. That’s right … reused! Can you imagine?

I felt guilty telling the patients that I was a cancer survivor — there would be very few survivors in this hospital. Instead of improving, people’s health only worsened in that place.

Unfortunately, there are many similar hospitals and clinics around the world that can’t afford basic medical supplies and equipment. People are dying. That’s why it’s critical to send lifesaving aid today.

Right now, we have a warehouse full of medical equipment and other crucial supplies — and I need your help to ship them to the people who are waiting for them.

I can’t let this emergency food, medical aid, and other lifesaving items sit here in Virginia while people around the world continue to get sicker … or even die.

Will you please help?

Every $1 you give will ship $33 worth of food, medical equipment, and more. That means a $50 gift will send an incredible $1,650 worth of critical aid!

Here’s how it works:

Generous corporate donors and grants have provided vital medical supplies, emergency foods, durable clothing, and hygiene kits.

These valuable items are in our warehouse — but they need to be shipped.

Your donation will send these supplies to the people who need them most.

The impact your gift makes is incredible! 

Your gift today will multiply 33X to help hospitals, villages, and families worldwide.

Any amount you can give will help rescue people like the patients I met in that hospital. You can make sure someone never has to experience those unsafe, unsanitary conditions again.

You can save a life today. Please give and help ship food, medical supplies, and more to people who need them — before it’s too late!


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