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Should I care about fiscal year end? The short answer — yes!

Megan Stoia
Mar 01, 2023


What on earth is a fiscal year end? Why isn’t it on Dec. 31? And why should I care?

Those are all great — and valid — questions!

As World Help enters our fiscal year end, we wanted to take some time to clarify some common misconceptions.

Here are the answers to the top questions we’re asked about the fiscal year end:

What is fiscal year end?

A fiscal year is a 12-month period used by businesses and nonprofits to track finances. Fiscal year end is simply the last day in that period.

It can be any day of the year. Some organizations choose to have theirs align with the calendar year to end on Dec. 31. But World Help’s fiscal year ends on March 31.

Give by March 31 and double your impact
Will you give by March 31 to help someone in need?

Why does World Help’s fiscal year end in March?

While organizations can schedule their fiscal year to end on Dec. 31, the holiday season is a very busy time for us. Our incredible donors are committed to providing help and hope year-round, but they go all out at Christmastime!

We receive large donations at the end of each calendar year to give winter clothing to refugees, help children in our sponsorship programs celebrate the holiday, and so much more!

With such a high intake of donations, we want to ensure we have the time to make strategic decisions about maximizing your impact. In fact, many other nonprofits schedule their fiscal year end in the spring for similar reasons.

By making our fiscal year end in March instead of December, we have plenty of time to process all the gifts we receive during the busiest time of year — and make sure they go to those who need them most!

What happens if the fiscal year end goal isn’t met?

Every year, we strategically and prayerfully set a financial goal for the year ahead based on how many people we hope to impact. If we don’t reach our goal, there could be two possible outcomes: a budget shortfall and a revenue shortfall.

A budget shortfall means we don’t have enough money to provide lifesaving aid to everyone we promised. If we have a revenue shortfall, we won’t be able to help all the people we hoped to reach this year. Both types of shortfalls mean that people around the world waiting for help may not receive it in time.

Why should this matter to me?

If we don’t reach our fiscal year end goal, real people will be affected — not just World Help as an organization.

Men, women, and children all around the world are desperately waiting for someone like YOU to give them help and hope.

Give by March 31 and double your impact
Your support will provide essentials for twice as many people

Your generosity could help a woman in Thailand or India experience freedom from the sex industry … a village in Guatemala praying for clean water … a North Korean crying out for food and a Bible … and so much more.

Without people like you stepping in, their needs simply won’t be met.

And now is the best time to give! When you give between now and March 31, you’ll have DOUBLE the impact worldwide.

Usually, every $12 you give will provide help and hope to one person around the world. But thanks to a $150,000 matching gift, you’ll provide emergency food, clean water, medical care, God’s Word, and other essentials for twice as many people.

Please, give your best gift before our fiscal year ends on March 31 to provide DOUBLE the amount of emergency aid to those who need it most!


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