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Why sponsor? Just ask Mayda!

April Stumme
Jul 26, 2017

Mayda Tress touches the lives of hurting people every day through her work as a registered nurse. But on a trip to Guatemala, God moved her heart to help hurting people in a new way — a way that would change her life forever:

I believe in a practical Gospel. I believe that God cares about the rumblings of a child’s empty stomach. I believe God cares about a child’s dreams and aspirations. I believe God cares about a child who has no safe place to live. I believe in being the hands and feet of Jesus on the ground.

Mayda’s journey with World Help began in 2012. Her family built a home for special needs children in memory of her niece, Kelly, and Mayda accompanied them to Guatemala to dedicate the home. She knew immediately she wanted to get more involved in improving this impoverished country.

Since that moment, Mayda has not stopped changing the lives of people of Guatemala. She has participated in medical missions trips and built houses for poor families through her Home4Good project.

One of the most personal ways she’s effected change is by sponsoring nine Guatemalan children.

Mayda loves traveling to Guatemala to see her sponsored children. “It has been a complete joy every time we meet,” she said. On these trips, Mayda talks to them about their needs and dreams, and encourages them to do well in school. She also shares about the love of Jesus. Once, she brought bikes to surprise all nine of the kids. She enjoyed the surprise as much as they did, she said.

Two of Mayda’s sponsored children recently received an extra-special gift from her — a home! The children were in desperate need of housing, and Mayda made sure they had a secure place to call home.

Mayda has made an incredible difference in the lives of her sponsored children. But if you ask Mayda why she sponsors, she won’t tell you about herself; she’ll point you to her faith. She’ll tell you that God cares for these children, and so does she. And she’ll encourage you to look past your fears and sponsor a child yourself:

My advice to anyone considering child sponsorship would be do it! If you think you can’t afford it, believe me, God will bless your step of faith, and He will provide. It is one of the most powerful ways of being the hands and feet of Jesus that I have ever experienced. The ripple effects of touching a child’s life will only fully be known in eternity. Don’t hesitate … get on board and change the world, one child at a time!


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