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Sponsored Kids Are Funny Too

Blog Team
Feb 09, 2011

You may already know what we mean by this title.  At some point during your journey as a sponsor, you’ve received a letter, card, or message from your sponsored child that made you smile, chuckle, or even laugh with amusement.  Maybe you showed your husband or wife, even your friends at work.  After all, we know that all children bring laughter almost everywhere they go, not just American children.

Our Correspondence Coordinator, Kristen, came across a few examples for those of you who have yet to experience this side of sponsorship.  Enjoy, we hope they brighten your day!

“I don’t have anything to send, but I made this card myself.  Don’t laugh at me, okay?  I promise not to hate studies until I become a doctor.”

– Moses from Uganda

“I will also pray for you so that God by his grace will keep you in good health and the little Peanut who is inside your stomach.   I hope that you will be a good and loving mom and dad to baby Peanut.”

Immanuel  from India

“When I look at the photo you sent I clearly see that your family is in it, added by one baby boy. I would love to play with it.  You all are cute, but the most cute is baby boy Collier.  He is wonderfully well enough, seems like a dropdown from heaven. I really see he is dropdown from heaven by our heavenly God.”

Lalsiemlien from India

We would also love if you shared your own funny quotes with us by leaving a comment below, or by posting on our Facebook wall.  What are you waiting for?


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