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Start a new Christmas tradition — go on a scavenger hunt!

Sam Campbell
Oct 28, 2020

My family and I enjoy working puzzles throughout the Christmas season. It’s a tradition we’ve kept since I was a kid. Make hot cocoa, grab a snack, and sit around the table piecing together Santa’s sleigh. Or searching for the myrrh that fits into Wiseman Number Three’s hands.

This year, why not start a tradition of your own?

As you browse the 2020 World Help Christmas Giving catalog, gather your kids or grandkids around to complete the downloadable scavenger hunt we’ve created. They’ll love flipping through the catalog pages and seeing who can find the answers first!

Plus, it will show them how important something like a Bible or goat can be for a person struggling to survive.

Here’s how the Christmas scavenger hunt works:

1. Download a copy of the questions and read them together as a family.

2. Pull out your copy of the 2020 World Help Christmas Giving catalog. Don’t have one? Request it HERE.

3. Flip through the catalog and search for the answers.

4. Take some time to discuss the gifts on your scavenger hunt list and how each item can transform someone’s life.


Much like puzzles are a way for my family to enjoy the holidays together, the scavenger hunt is sure to be a fun activity for you and the kids in your life. They’ll read how many children in Zimbabwe don’t have clean water to drink or take a shower. Learn how boys and girls in Guatemala don’t always have food like we are blessed to have. And so much more.

Your child or grandchild will discover ways to help people in need … and have fun while doing it!

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, take some time to explain to your own children how many others around the world aren’t able to enjoy a big holiday dinner. They don’t have presents under a tree.

One way to begin that conversation? Download the scavenger hunt today!

Not only will you find the perfect gift to deliver help and hope to someone in need, but your little ones will also learn about the needs of people around the globe.

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