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Clean Water2 min read


Streams of mercy, never ceasing

Kelsey Campbell
Jun 29, 2019

“Ask for water from your Jesus!” one man sneered.

Arjun stood helpless. His eyes darted anxiously at the well he had walked so far to find. But now, with several men standing in his way, he knew he’d have to return home to his family empty-handed.

I’ve changed Arjun’s name because he lives in a South Asian country where it’s risky to be a Christian. Many followers of Hinduism — the predominant religion — hate Christians and persecute them. In fact, Hindus often prevent Christians from using public wells because of the fear they the Christ-followers will contaminate the well’s water.

A partner in South Asia recently reported that one of the biggest problems for Christians there is not having access to clean drinking water.

Forced to draw water from streams and rivers polluted with trash and animal waste, believers can fall seriously ill … and sometimes die as a result.

But today, you can help provide pure water for someone in need. For $15, you can give one person clean water for an entire year.

Arjun and his Christian neighbors no longer have to travel long distances for water or face threatening taunts. Because someone helped to provide a deep bore well in their community, they now have easy access to water anytime.

“The family is rejoicing because now the time spent seeking physical water has been replaced with time spent receiving the Living Water!” our partner said.

But this private well would not have been available if it hadn’t been for someone else’s compassion and generosity.

Today, you can give the gift of safe, clean water to a desperate individual. All it costs is $15 to provide one person with clean water for an entire year.

The need for water is a basic human right. And it also is a wonderful tool to help spread the Gospel.

In many villages, wells are built near churches. In the case of Arjun’s community, the local pastor oversees the upkeep of the well. So, whenever people come to collect water, they’re more likely to encounter the Gospel.

Because they now have a well close by, Arjun’s neighbors have more free time to spend at church, in school, with their children, and earning a living. And they don’t have to worry about their families getting sick from waterborne diseases.

You have the power to better one person’s life for just $15. That’s all it costs to help provide water for an entire year. Will you give today?


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