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Stuck in the body of an 8-year-old

Kelsey Campbell
Aug 12, 2019

Luciana is practically all grown up —at least according to her age. Her body, on the other hand, is the size of a child less than half her age.  

She weighs just 55 pounds, the same as an 8-year-old.

While young men and women here in the United States excitedly prepare for their first day of college, Luciana is fighting for her life.

We’ve changed Luciana’s name because she lives in Venezuela, a country that has been in chaos for years. Sky-high inflation has created one of the worst food crises in the world. Families simply can’t afford to eat in an economy where it can cost as much as $700 for milk and an entire month’s salary for rice.

Luciana’s situation is critical — she doesn’t know if she’ll eat today or even live to see tomorrow.

Extreme malnutrition has permanently stunted her growth; the lack of food has made her waste away. Her limbs are basically just skin stretched tightly over bones, and sometimes she’s too weak to even stand.

Starvation is also causing Luciana to have seizures, with multiple convulsions daily.

Studies have shown that seizures like Luciana’s are often the result of chronic malnutrition’s effect on the development of the brain. Not only has starvation stunted Luciana’s physical growth, but it has stunted her mental development, too. 

Instead of becoming more independent like most young people her age, Luciana is now more dependent on her mom than ever. And her mother — a single parent — no longer knows what to do except pray.

Luciana’s entire church is praying for her … praying that God will send someone to help her survive. Without proper food and nutrition soon, Luciana will die.

Will you allow God to use you to be the answer to someone’s prayer today?

For only $40, you can feed one starving child for an entire year. Your gift will help save a life! And you will make sure a parent like Luciana’s mom doesn’t have to watch her child starve to death.

The food you provide will supply vital nutrients to help build strength and stamina, allowing children to grow up and live healthy, independent lives.

You will be a hero for the child you help rescue! For 365 days, as he eats the food you have provided, he will give thanks for the lifesaving compassion you have shown.

And $40 is a small cost for such a big payoff, especially when you consider you probably spend more than that on groceries in a week. For a couple of $20 bills, you will feed one starving child for a whole year!   

 So, please feed a boy or girl like Luciana today. Without your help, a child may not see tomorrow.


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