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Syria: An Unprecedented Opportunity

Vernon Brewer
Aug 08, 2013

At this very moment, over 4 million people—a fifth of Syria’s total population—are facing hunger and starvation while their country is being ripped apart by conflict and instability. I need your help today to provide thousands of life-saving meals to Syrian refugees . . . mothers, fathers, and children who have no other hope for survival.

After more than two years of slaughter that has claimed nearly 100,000 lives, millions of Syrian refugees are now at risk of starvation.

World Help is fiercely committed to continue our work along the Syrian border, distributing life-saving food and aid to millions of refugees in need. We will not abandon these desperate families. But your help is needed now more than ever before.

Zaatari refugee camp

I’ve seen the desperation growing each time I’ve worked with our team to serve these refugees. We have to act immediately before thousands more die needlessly.

In crowded refugee camps along the Syrian border, babies are being born under flimsy white tents, malnourished from the moment they take their first breath of life. Their mothers, who are starved themselves, are no longer able to nurse them.

I’ve seen groups of young children wander the dusty streets, their eyes staring blankly ahead, knowing that tonight they will go to bed hungry . . . again.

Let us be the ones who decide that this suffering will not continue as long as we have the power to intervene. Let us be the ones who stand up and act compassionately in the midst of great suffering. Let us be the ones who refuse to forget these people in their greatest time of need.

World Help has already received four containers filled with critically needed food, totally free of charge. These containers are packed and ready to be shipped to our network of partners working in refugee camps and urban areas where millions are fleeing. All we need is the funding to cover shipping costs. We have already successfully delivered one full container of aid to the frontlines of the refugee crisis.

Syrian aid

Each container holds over 350,000 meals and costs, on average, $10,000 for shipping, clearing customs and distribution. Just imagine the difference we can make by sending these four containers alone: 1.4 million meals—enough to feed 4,000 refugees for six months! Think of the impact: Each meal we distribute—a meal that could literally save a life—costs less than 3¢ to provide!

This opportunity is unprecedented. These containers are packed and ready to be shipped; all we need are the costs to cover the transport. If each of us committed to give generously, we could save thousands, maybe even millions, of Syrian refugees! In over 20 years of humanitarian work, I’ve never seen a dollar go so far.

Your gift today has the capacity to do more than it’s ever done before.

The meals we are providing in these shipments are specifically designed not just to fill people up, but to offer substantial, wholesome nourishment. We have made a deliberate effort to work with giving partners who are experts in treating malnutrition and hunger, especially in children.

The timing has never been so crucial.

As more and more nonprofits and international relief agencies are leaving Syria behind, tensions are growing by the minute. Before long, all the food distributed through these relief agencies will be gone . . . opening the doors for riots, violence, and further bloodshed . . . their only objective: survival.

Syrian refugee children

This is a matter of life and death. While many turn their back on Syria, we have a decision to make: Will we leave our friends to starve, or will we stand up and say, “ENOUGH?

I’ve seen firsthand how hope can begin with a meal . . . that the love of God can cross boundaries and borders to infiltrate the hearts of those who were expecting it the least. Think of the hope you can provide . . . the love you can show.

When a widowed refugee can give her children the comfort of a meal for the first time in days, it will be because of you.

When a father can tell his family that there is hope for tomorrow, it will be because of you.

When an elderly couple finds comfort in knowing that someone cares, it will be because of you.

When the people of Syria look back on this crisis, years from now, and remember the kindness they were shown in their greatest time of need, it will be because of you.

This is our chance to serve thousands of people, to save lives, and to bring hope to one of the most hopeless places on earth. Your gift will make an immediate difference!

Their future is at stake. By giving your best gift today, you’ll be doing something that will outlive you and last for eternity.

Join me now while there’s still time.

Help Syrian Refugees


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