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Syria at War: Traveling to the Frontlines

Vernon Brewer
Jul 12, 2012

Women holding Syrian ChildOver 17,000 Syrians have been brutally murdered, and most of the world is doing nothing about it.

How many people have to die before this crisis gets our attention? How many innocent children need to suffer before we choose to act?

Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Jordan to personally visit Syrian refugee camps. I am preparing right now to go with a World Help team to evaluate the needs of the Syrian refugees and give them the life-saving supplies they so desperately need.

As the nation of Syria continues to unravel, rumors of war have now culminated in an official declaration from President Assad after nearly 16 months since the violent uprisings in his country began. This is alarming news to say the very least and confirmed some of my worst fears: Countless more Syrians will lose their lives if we do not continue to compassionately respond to this crisis.

This week, I received some of the most gut-wrenching images I’ve ever seen from Syria—images of the victims of this war: A child dead in her father’s arms . . . young people mutilated and left to die alone on the dusty streets . . . women and children running for their lives as soldiers ransack their homes. These images are so graphic, I can’t even share them with you. What a clear reminder that this is no time to stand by and watch as lives are destroyed!

The death toll is rising dramatically, as innocent civilians continue to be slaughtered in their homes, beaten and tortured mercilessly, and the unthinkable . . . little children being used as human shields in the fighting. People are living in constant fear, having lost their homes, businesses, and everything they own, never knowing if their loved ones will be tortured and murdered as the violence continues to escalate.

Syrian refugees at a camp on the Turkey/Syria borderThe refugee crisis is no less dire. The latest reports say that at least 1.5 million displaced Syrians are in desperate need of humanitarian aid. Every day these numbers increase exponentially as the fighting continues and thousands of Syrians are fleeing for the borders—as many as 8,000 per day.

If we do not respond to this crisis quickly, compassionately, and effectively, countless more Syrians will continue to suffer needlessly. We cannot afford to hesitate or delay!

Today, I’m asking for your help.
 Death and heartache are ruling the streets of Syria. We must respond by providing immediate relief and we must do it now! Every second we waste will result in more tragedy. It’s so easy to be shocked, overwhelmed, or even apathetic. If we do not respond to this urgent need, we risk losing the opportunity to make an eternal difference in the lives of those who literally have nothing left. Compassion requires action!

The funds you give today, I will personally take to the front lines. It will have an immediate impact. It will feed a starving child, save a wounded mother, and provide shelter for the elderly and the abandoned . . . in only days from now!

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of your gift. Please . . . don’t hesitate.

Please give generously
! It will mean the difference between life and death for desperate Syrian refugees.

The time for action is now.
Give as if this were your family, your friends.


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