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Syria is burning — Here’s how you can help

Emily Towns
Feb 26, 2018

Ahmed makes his way through the dusty, rubble-filled street that once was his neighborhood. The cold wind tears at his flimsy coat — it was all Ahmed had time to grab as he and his family escaped their home.

His family now lives in the basement of a half-destroyed building, and he is risking his life simply by stepping outside. But Ahmed’s family is starving — he has no choice.

Unfortunately, food is so scarce that a bundle of bread will cost him 22 times the national average. And if Ahmed is injured on the journey, hospitals do not have the supplies to help.

People all across Syria are struggling for survival in the face of a brutal winter and a devastating war.

In eastern Ghouta, citizens can count the passing minutes and hours by the number of explosions. Air strikes and bombs fall day and night as the city burns. This is the last major rebel-held region near Syria’s capital of Damascus — right now it is being called “hell on earth.”

Nearly 600 people have died in just one week during this latest offensive, which began Feb. 18.

In a little over a week, thousands of air strikes and hundreds of barrel bombs have wrecked eastern Ghouta. Injured men, women, and children flood into the city’s few remaining hospitals — so many that the doctors can treat only those needing immediate help. One local doctor has reported that they are operating with no electricity, no anesthesia, no bandages, and no medication. “It reminds us of the First World War,” he said.

It is dangerous to walk the streets of eastern Ghouta. Adults pick through debris to find food, but children remain inside — too many little ones have already died. Most families have lost their homes and now live in basements, huddling together just waiting to hear the terrible sound of another plane, another airdrop, another loss.

As they wait, they wonder if the world has forgotten them and if they will make it out alive.

Across Syria in other besieged cities such as Deir ez-Zor, the situation is the same. Families are struggling to survive another day.

Our partners are on the ground near these besieged cities, ready to distribute lifesaving food, medicine, and clean water. But they need your help to supply these items.

You can help a refugee and provide hope in the midst of his darkest hour.

For every $35 you give, you will provide $189 worth of lifesaving supplies to someone like Ahmed. You’ll provide essentials such as food, clean water, medicine, and blankets. Your gift will help save a life while reminding a refugee that he has not been forgotten.

When you give to a refugee, you are being the hands and feet of Jesus on the ground — delivering hope to a dark and cold place.

Will you help save the life of a Syrian in need?

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