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Syria: Chemical Warfare Waged on the Innocent

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Aug 29, 2013

In Syria, the massacre of innocent civilians has surpassed yet another bloodcurdling level of cruelty.

Rogue reporting in and around the capital city of Damascus has revealed a chilling slew of images: gut-wrenching scenes of makeshift hospitals filled with tiny, twitching bodies and the sound of their inconsolable mothers. Row upon row of babies and young children lying dead in mass graves . . .  all without a single drop of blood on their bodies.

Rumors of chemical weapons have been in the air since the first pangs of the Arab spring, but now the evidence is undeniable: Something has gone gravely wrong in Syria . . . and there’s no sign of stopping or slowing.

Secretary of State John Kerry gave this sober report in a press briefing on Monday:

What we saw in Syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. It defies any code of morality. Let me be clear: The indiscriminant slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity.

Syria chemical attack

While U.N. reports have not yet confirmed the identity of the culprits behind these heinous attacks, the question of what has happened is clear: Hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of innocent people are being systematically wiped from the face of the earth. This isn’t just Syria’s problem . . . it’s everyone’s problem.

These attacks have spurred mass panic on all sides of the mounting Syrian refugee crisis. The tension—from frontlines of the fighting to the overcrowded camps on the border—is hauntingly palpable.

Thousands more refugees have joined the surge of survivors fleeing for their lives, having lost their homes, their livelihood, and their loved ones in the latest onslaught of attacks.

Meanwhile, the refugee camps in Jordan and other neighboring nations are bursting at the seams. Food and water supplies are growing scarce, and conditions inside the endless rows of white tents are unimaginable.

Zaatari camp

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, World Help’s strategic network of partners have been working around the clock, distributing life-saving supplies to thousands of refugees in Jordan.

Millions of meals will be needed in the days ahead just to keep the existing population of refugees alive, much less the continuing influx of new arrivals.

We need your help now more than ever. Without a significant response from our supporters, thousands of our brothers and sisters face the imminent reality of starvation and disease.

For as little as $20, you can provide food and medicine for one refugee child for one month. Literally every dollar has the potential to save a life.

Zaatari refugee camp

We also encourage you to use your voice to tell the world what’s happening to the Syrian people. By joining our newly-launched online campaign, you’ll have the option of creating your own personalized fundraising page for Syrian refugees that allows you to set a goal and start receiving online donations immediately.

For a nation of people who have lost everything they have . . . we can give. We can give to put a meal into a starving child’s hands. We can give simple medicines to a mother who has no way to care for her sick children. We can give grief-stricken families a warm place to sleep at night.

Enough is enough. 

Your voice can be the difference between life and death for a refugee in need . . . so don’t wait to get involved. Give or begin your fundraising page today.

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