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What you take for granted, many dream of owning

April Stumme
Oct 31, 2017

They’re in nearly every hotel room you’ve ever slept in.

They sit on shelves in millions of homes across the U.S.

They come in different languages, colors, sizes, translations, and styles.

It’s easy to take Bibles for granted. We see them everywhere, and we usually have access to one. But for thousands of Christians around the world, owning — or even holding — a Bible is an unlikely dream. 

For some, such as believers in North Korea, owning a Bible is illegal. For others, it’s impossible because of poverty. This Book is precious around the world, but it’s out of reach for so many who desperately yearn to own one.

That’s something you can change. For just $5 you can give a Bible to a believer today.

With the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church approaching, it is the perfect time to send a Bible. Oppressed believers are often unable to purchase the Scriptures for fear of imprisonment or punishment. But you can encourage someone suffering for his faith today by providing the comfort of God’s Word.

Your gift of a Bible will enable one Christian to learn more about Jesus and draw closer to God. For Christians living in persecution or poverty, this gift is more valuable than you can imagine.

All it takes is $5 to change a life with the Gospel and make an impact that will last for eternity.

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