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Taking a clean swipe at poverty

Kelsey Campbell
May 28, 2019

Tucking her arms close to her sides, Sidumazile tried to make herself as small and inconspicuous as possible.

Her dress was uncomfortable as it clung to her body. She had worked up a sweat on the long, dusty walk to school.

Sidumazile couldn’t remember the last time she’d been able to wash her clothes, take a bath, wash her hair, or clean her teeth.

And there was always one question nagging in the back of her mind. Even if she finished school, who would ever hire her like this?

The lack of food, clothing, and hygiene items was keeping Sidumazile trapped in poverty. If only she could feel “normal” again, maybe she’d be able to listen to the teacher rather than the voices in her head saying she’d never measure up.

Sidumazile lives in Zimbabwe. And now, at the age of 18, she’s lived in poverty her entire life. Her mother — a widow and single parent — can’t afford food, clothing, soap, and other hygiene supplies. She scrapes together all she can to pay her daughter’s school fees. Even then, sometimes it isn’t enough.

It’s a small thing, but if they could just afford a bar of soap, it would give Sidumazile the confidence boost to finish school strong, find a good job, and help pull her family out of poverty.

Today, you can help ship those vital items to people like Sidumazile. And thanks to generous corporate donations and grants, we have supplies like food, clothing, and hygiene kits sitting in our warehouse waiting to be shipped. We just need YOU to help cover the shipping costs. And the best news is that every $1 you donate is multiplied 33X!

The teenage years are awkward, especially for females. And a teenage girl needs hygiene items to feel self-assured. If she doesn’t have confidence, how will she fight to escape poverty when the odds are stacked against her?

When you help cover shipping costs, you are providing someone with the chance to feel whole again. And items in a hygiene kit do just that. So, what’s inside?

Each kit contains shampoo, conditioner, lotion, a comb, brush, razor, shaving cream, deodorant, tissues, washcloth, soap, toothpaste, and mouthwash. 

It’s everything a girl needs to look her best but, most importantly, to feel her best and do her best.

Thanks to someone’s generosity, Sidumazile received a hygiene kit, and now she feels like she can tackle whatever life throws at her. Instead of trying to fade into the background at school, she’s raising her hand, speaking up, and doing well in her classes.

It’s clear that feeling better about yourself helps you succeed. And when you help ship critical supplies like hygiene items, food, clothing, medical aid, and more, you’re bettering people’s lives — and saving lives, too.

Every $1 you give will multiply 33X to send as much aid as possible. That means your $30 gift will actually send $990 worth of aid that can change lives forever.

Right now, Syrian refugees in Jordan are waiting for food because their rations have run out. In Zimbabwe, people are waiting for clothes because all their belongings were lost in the devasting cyclone a few months ago. And they’re all in desperate need of hygiene kits.

Right now, you can meet people’s most immediate needs when you help ship emergency relief today.

And you can give a girl like Sidumazile a confidence boost — and open the door for her to escape poverty.


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