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The 2 main reasons North Korean Christians are suffering

Blog Team
Oct 19, 2022


There’s a reason Jesus called Himself the Bread of Life and the Living Water. He knows we need both our physical and spiritual needs met to grow and thrive.

But in North Korea, underground Christians are starving right now — both physically and spiritually. Not only is this isolated country facing a nationwide famine due to low rainfall, but it’s also experiencing rising food costs like so many other places around the world.

It’s a known fact that North Korea depends on international trade for much of its food supply. However, since fuel and other transportation costs have also skyrocketed, these factors have increased the price of food even more.

What’s worse is that most persecuted North Korean believers don’t have Bibles to bring them comfort and remind them that God will take care of them.

You can help meet both of these critical needs today. Your $20 gift will provide a week’s worth of food for one person, plus a Bible for a brother or sister in North Korea.

Here are two reasons your gift is so important:

Just $20 will help print, ship, and distribute one Bible — plus a week’s worth of food — to someone like Nari, a North Korean whose name we’ve changed to keep her safe.

“My 10-year-old son and husband have collapsed due to hunger,” Nari said. “I’m more afraid of my son and husband dying of starvation due to the lack of food than [COVID-19].”

People like Nari are struggling to feed their families … but you have the chance to help them.

The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is coming up on Nov. 6, and in addition to praying, you can help meet persecuted Christians’ physical and spiritual needs. Every $20 you give will provide one starving North Korean with a Bible and a week’s worth of food.

And since North Korean Christians often share their Bibles with trusted friends and family members, the Bible you send will likely impact at least five people.

Today, you can make an incredible difference in the life of a North Korean believer. You’ll provide nutritious food to renew their strength … and the comfort of the Scriptures to restore their soul.


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