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The coronavirus isn’t the only disaster

Kelsey Campbell
Jun 12, 2020

For people living in developing countries, life couldn’t seem to get much worse. The global coronavirus pandemic has left countless people without jobs and without a way to feed their families. And now, natural disasters are making an impossible situation even harder.

But you can help people who are facing their greatest moment of need. You can help provide aid like emergency food, clean water, hygiene kits, medical care, and more. And, thanks to a new matching gift from World Help Board members, every dollar you give will DOUBLE up to $300,000.

In mid-May, India and Bangladesh were struck by Cyclone Amphan. The storm surges washed away houses and killed over 80 people. As a result, many people are displaced and have lost everything. 

And this is all during a pandemic.

Recently, one of our partners in India reported on the damage:

Many mud huts got washed away because of heavy rain. The harvest was also damaged, and big trees fell down on mud houses and smashed them. To see those incidents, we were stumped as to how they will be fixed in this time of crisis when we are going through lockdown because of the coronavirus. People don’t have jobs to survive. And without jobs and no money, some people eat only one time every several days.”

The situation before the storm was dangerous. But now, staying alive has become even more of a challenge.

There have been other natural disasters, too, that haven’t made it to the international news headlines but are nevertheless still just as concerning.

In the beginning of May, Rwanda faced terrible storms which flooded cities and villages. They caused mudslides that destroyed buildings. And 72 people died.

“A big landslide happened where one of our schools is located,” our Rwandan partner said. “It was an elementary and junior high school. All of the classrooms are destroyed.”

Because of the coronavirus, school has not been in session for months. But the children — and their parents — were eagerly looking forward to when class would be back in session because school is one place where the children can consistently count on receiving food. Now that this storm has hit, these children have no school to return to once the pandemic ends.

Many people believe this isn’t the last natural disaster we’ll see before the coronavirus pandemic is over either. Hurricane season has just begun and will run through November, and several Asian countries are in the middle of their monsoon season.

But you can help rescue someone who is struggling to survive storms, poverty, joblessness, and other challenges in the midst of this pandemic.

Your gift today will help provide emergency relief like nutritious meals, clean water, medical care, hygiene kits, and more around the world.

And since your gift DOUBLES, every $8 is enough to help TWO people!

Your gift will also help World Help erase a budget shortfall left behind by canceled events due to the coronavirus. Because these events were canceled, people who were relying on aid might be forced to go without. But you can keep that from happening. You can help meet people’s needs through your generosity.

Please give today and help people get back on their feet. You will help bring hope in their greatest moment of need.

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