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The crisis that’s killing Sri Lanka’s children

Blog Team
Jul 13, 2022

Children in Sri Lanka are dying of starvation, and almost no one is talking about it!

This small country in South Asia isn’t making headlines or showing up all over social media. But over the past few months, a massive economic crisis has left 7 out of 10 families unable to buy enough food.

“Those who were having three meals have decreased to two,” our partner said. “While those who were eating two meals have declined to one.”

This little girl wonders where her next meal will come from

Sri Lanka already had one of the highest childhood malnutrition rates in South Asia. In fact, one pastor reported that a year ago, it was almost unheard of to get through a morning service without one or two children collapsing from hunger.

But now it’s even worse.

“Due to the present situation in the country, five to seven children faint during morning assembly as these children have not had any food,” our partner said.

Will you help save Sri Lanka’s children from starvation?

Your $50 gift today will provide essentials like food and medical care to boys and girls in Sri Lanka and other people in crisis.

Your generosity could be the difference between life and death for a malnourished Sri Lankan child and will show them the love of Christ during this crisis.

More children in Sri Lanka are collapsing every day, so please don’t wait.


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