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The day Odalys threw away her idols

  • June 27, 2021
Blog Team
Blog Team

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Odalys said she felt bound by the devil.

She had become obsessed with a pagan religion, worshipping idols and spending so much time on rituals that it caused her marriage to fall apart.

 After her husband left, Odalys became overwhelmed and depressed. She couldn’t take care of their 4-year-old daughter on her own, and her false gods offered her no answers. Her mental health deteriorated so much that she even considered abandoning her daughter and then taking her own life.

Odalys was desperate for something that could bring her true hope and peace.

Then, everything changed for Odalys. World Help-supported church planters had started a church in Odalys’ community in Cuba. When they heard about her situation, they visited her.

To their surprise, Odalys welcomed them into her home, despite their differences in religion. She listened to what they had to say, invited them to come back, and accepted their offer to say a prayer for her.

Finally during one of their visits, the truth of the Gospel sank fully into Odalys’ heart and she prayed to become a Christ-follower!

“She asked us to throw away her idols and said she wanted to learn more about God,” one of the church planters said. “We began to disciple her, and the change that the Holy Spirit has made in her life is a testimony for everyone in the town.”

After Odalys gave up her idols, she was able to focus on her daughter and her newfound relationship with Jesus. Now her personal life has been restored, and she is even serving in the church.

But Odalys would still be living in fear and false beliefs if it weren’t for those local church planters on the ground in Cuba. And those church planters wouldn’t have been able to reach her if generous World Help donors hadn’t helped equip them with the resources they needed.

Because of their support, people like Odalys are able to hear about the hope of the Gospel.

Click the link below to learn more about how you can help equip church planters around the world so they can fulfill the Great Commission, too.

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