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The Difference One Person Can Make

Vernon Brewer
Mar 03, 2011

Today, we boarded a small charter plane and headed to Northern Uganda and the rural city of Gulu.

You may not recognize the name, “Gulu,” but I know you’ve heard about the thousands of children that were kidnapped and forced to become child soldiers and fight in the rebel army. Boys and girls as young as six and seven years of age were given guns and told to kill. Young girls were raped, used as sex slaves, and many became child mothers.

World Help has been working in Gulu for over seven years. But three years ago, I brought a dear friend with me, Sandy Sansing. It was Sandy’s first time to Gulu, and when he saw firsthand the thousands of child mothers and former child soldiers, his heart just broke. These children had no education and no skilled trade. Their future was bleak.

Here in Africa is not like being in America. There are few jobs, and without an education or tools, poverty is almost inescapable.

But our partner in Uganda, Alex Mitala, had a vision . . . To build a vocational school where these children could learn a skilled trade, be equipped with the tools their trade demanded, and have a better future.

Sandy made building and equipping this school a reality. Since that time, I am so proud that over 900 young men and women have graduated. And today, our team watched as over 150 more students donned their black robes, graduated, and received the tools for welding, sewing, and hair styling.

It was an incredible day. It was incredible because people experienced the realization of a vision. Sandy was back in Gulu today to witness his dream become a reality. I took great pride in unveiling the new sign that read, The Robert “Sandy” Sansing Vocational School. Because one man acted, nearly a thousand young people have directly benefited, and thousands more will be impacted.


Never doubt the difference one person can make . . . especially when that one person is you.



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