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The famine you’ve never heard of

Vernon Brewer
Oct 26, 2020

I recently received an update from our partners in North Korea, and I was shocked at what they wrote.

But not only are our Christian brothers and sisters suffering because of persecution and the ongoing pandemic … they’re also starving.

A historic food shortage is taking place in North Korea. People are dying. Families are desperate for food. But North Korean Christians are asking for something else, too. They want Bibles.

You can give a gift today that will provide a Bible and a week’s worth of food for someone like Cho.

Cho works as a security guard in a North Korean prison, so I’ve changed his name to protect him. He was in charge of guarding a woman who was thrown in jail for being a Christians. Eventually, Cho opened up and shared his story with her.

He told her how his family had struggled to find food because of the shortages. He described how he went to visit his children while they were staying with their grandmother, and what he found was horrible. The grandmother had left, hysteric because there was no food. Cho’s children had starved to death. They were lying dead in each other’s arms.

As a parent, I can’t even begin to imagine his horror. But while you can’t take away Cho’s pain, you can provide him with the soul-healing comfort of a Bible.

The woman in prison led Cho to the Lord that day. Unfortunately, he and other North Korean Christians are facing the darkest days of their lives without the comfort of Scripture.

They need God’s Word now more than ever.

North Korea has always been a closed country, and the pandemic has sealed its borders even tighter, causing a massive food crisis. Recent typhoons and heavy rainfall have destroyed many of the country’s own crops, making the situation even worse. One woman reported having only a few raisins to eat each day.

“This is similar to the greatest famines of the 1990’s in North Korea,” our partners said. During that time hundreds of thousands of people starved.

But your gift of $20 can help save a life by rushing one week’s worth of food to a starving underground believer plus a Bible to someone hungry for God’s Word.

The situation for believers in North Korea seems hopeless right now. But it doesn’t need to be.

Your gift today will help meet the physical AND spiritual needs of a Christian in desperate need.

God commanded us — you and me — to love each person as we love ourselves. You can show love to your North Korean brothers and sisters by providing them with what they are crying out for: food and Bibles.

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