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‘The greatest food crisis in 20 years’

Sam Campbell
Feb 22, 2021

Last year, you probably heard more than one person say, “I can’t wait for 2021.”

Because last year was tough. The challenges didn’t magically disappear on Jan. 1, though. In fact, the needs of suffering people around the world could be just as bad — or even worse — this year.

The U.N. is predicting “famines of biblical proportions,” and our global partners on the ground are witnessing this firsthand. But you can help!

Every dollar you give by March 31 will DOUBLE up to $135,000 to provide 2X as many people with lifesaving food, other emergency supplies, and more.

In places like Nicaragua, families are struggling now more than ever. Food was already scarce due to the economic fallout of the pandemic. Then, back-to-back hurricanes in November destroyed their crops and farmland.

“We’re beginning the year with the greatest food crisis they’ve had in the last 20 years,” our Nicaragua partner said.

In April 2020, the U.N. announced that 135 million people were facing severe hunger. By November, that number had risen to 270 million.

And it continues to rise … especially in countries like Ethiopia and Venezuela where other crises coupled with the pandemic have led to a deadly situation.

A civil war in the Tigray region of Ethiopia has left countless people starving to death.

Locust plagues in early 2020 had already destroyed much of the country’s crops. Then in early November, when farmers were just starting to harvest what they could salvage, war broke out. Hundreds of thousands of families fled, leaving their fields behind them.

Venezuela has been facing a hunger crisis for years, but it’s not because of crop failures or drought. Instead, it’s people’s economic resources that have dried up.

Hyperinflation has caused food prices to skyrocket so that many people have had to sell everything, even their cars, just to afford food. Millions have fled the country, fearing they will starve if they stay.

2021 has just begun … but people all around the globe are already at death’s door.

But your generosity can help them survive.

You’ll help provide emergency food for starving families. You’ll send medicine and warm blankets to sick children. You’ll rush lifesaving supplies to disaster victims, place Bibles in the hands of people who have never owned one before, and help meet other urgent needs. Plus, you’ll show them the incredible love of God.

And when you give by the end of World Help’s fiscal year — March 31 — your gift will DOUBLE up to $135,000, thanks to a generous matching gift.

That means every $12 is now enough to help rescue TWO people in need!

You’ll also help avoid revenue shortfall, ensuring that our partners can help as many people as possible and won’t have to turn away families in need of help.

Whatever challenges people in need face this year, your donation will make sure help always arrives on time.

But you have to give by March 31 to take advantage of this special matching gift.

So, please give today and make 2X the impact around the world.

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