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The greatest rescue mission in history: A video devotional

Blog Team
Dec 18, 2022


“But the angel reassured them, saying, “Don’t be afraid, for I have come to bring you good news, the most joyous news the world has ever heard! And it is for everyone everywhere! For today in Bethlehem a rescuer was born for you. He is the Lord Yahweh, the Messiah.” — Luke 2:10-11 (TPT)

Jesus has many names throughout the Bible.

Savior. Redeemer. The Good Shepherd. Immanuel. Messiah. Prince of Peace.

The list goes on and on. But one description of Jesus in a translation of Luke 2 calls Him our “Rescuer.” On that first Christmas night 2,000 years ago, Jesus was born to one day rescue us from an eternity of pain and suffering.

Watch this short devotional from World Help president Noel Brewer Yeatts as she shares more about Jesus — our Rescuer:

Christmas is just one week away, but many people around the world still haven’t heard about Jesus. They don’t know that He was born and died on a cross for them … to rescue them from sin and its consequences forever.

You can help change that by giving someone a Bible or another life-changing gift this Christmas.

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