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The Jesus Jar: One family’s Christmas tradition

Emily Towns
Dec 14, 2022

Christmas is less than a month away, and for many, preparations are in full swing. There are projects to be completed, parties to plan, and gifts to purchase. While this time of year is supposed to be filled with wonder and joy, it’s often filled with stress and exhaustion.

But what if things could be different this year?

For Jay and Michele-Lyn Ault, the World Help Christmas Giving catalog gave them a way to refocus on the birth of Jesus with their kids. After a stressful holiday season, the parents of four knew something needed to change.

“Christmas was really supposed to be about Jesus, and we were only spending a few minutes reading the Christmas story on Christmas Day,” Michele-Lyn said. “The rest of it was going to gift buying.”

During the year, the Ault family sets aside money in a red tin can they call “the Jesus Jar.” When Christmas comes, they take the money from the jar, and the Ault children each pick a gift from the catalog they want to give to someone in need.

“We have been given so much here, and we have the choice to consume it all or give,” Michele-Lyn said. “When God gave His son, He gave because He loved the world — so because we love God, we love the world, and we give.”

When you give a gift through the World Help Christmas Giving catalog, you choose how you will change a life. Whether you give the gift of clean water to a person in need, a Bible to a persecuted Christian, or a pair of chickens to an impoverished family, you will be sharing the love of Jesus this Christmas.

This holiday season, leave the stress behind and join with your family to give hope to people around the world.


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