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The machine that saved Valentin

April Stumme
Jun 29, 2020

On a sunny Guatemalan day, high up in a tree, a little boy fought for his life.

He had climbed up the rough bark with no problem, but then he couldn’t find a foothold. He strained to regain his balance, but he knew it was too late.

In a last-ditch effort, Valentin gripped the branch as hard as he could with both sweaty hands. But his fingers slipped, and he began to fall. He hit the ground — hard. The spinal damage he suffered would affect him for the rest of his life.

The accident left Valentin unable to walk and damaged other organs, sending his whole body into chaos. After 10 years of his body constantly deteriorating, Valentin sought help at a nearby clinic. Doctors there diagnosed him with severely damaged kidneys.

The news that his kidneys were failing scared Valentin to his core. He needed dialysis and knew that finding a dialysis machine near him in Guatemala might be impossible.

While dialysis is easily accessible for most people in the Western world, Guatemala is a different story. Hospitals in this predominantly poor country are not properly stocked. Many are missing basic supplies and beds for patients.

Without a dialysis machine, Valentin’s situation seemed hopeless. He would die unless he received treatment.

But then compassionate donors shipped enough dialysis machines for the clinic near Valentin plus several other hospitals! These machines will provide lifesaving treatment for dozens of people like Valentin every day.

In fact, there are now twice as many dialysis machines in Guatemala than there were before!

But that wouldn’t have been possible if generous donors hadn’t given to ship them. They would still be sitting in a warehouse in the United States, and people like Valentin would still be waiting for help.

When you help ship lifesaving supplies, it’s truly a lifeline for impoverished people around the world.

Just look at the difference it’s made for Valentin! His health has drastically improved since he started receiving treatment from the new dialysis machines.

Right now, we have donated medical equipment, food, clothing, and more ready to be shipped to people around the world. We just need YOUR help to ship it!

Every $1 you give will ship $21 worth of supplies to someone in need. So a gift of just $30 is enough to send $630 in lifesaving aid to a person like Valentin.

Click below to learn more and give today.


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