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The moment that changed Carlos' life

Melissa Schultz
Jul 27, 2017

Can you pinpoint a moment when your life was changed forever?

For some, that moment was receiving advice at just the right time. Others can point back to a tragedy that radically altered their lives. Some people’s lives changed when they had to make an impossible choice, while others would never be the same after discovering the courage to pursue a dream.

Carlos, a 14-year-old boy from Honduras, can tell you the exact moment his life changed forever —the day he learned he had a sponsor.

Before joining the sponsorship program, Carlos’ childhood was incredibly difficult.

His father abandoned Carlos, his two sisters, his brother, and his mother while Carlos was very young. Uncertainty and fear plagued his life … his family often didn’t have enough food to eat, and drinking dirty water was normal. Worst of all, Carlos’ mother couldn’t afford to send him to school.

Eventually his mother remarried, but Carlos was still without a father figure. In Honduran culture, it’s common for stepfathers to make their stepchildren feel isolated because they aren’t related by blood.

Then one day, someone decided to Be the One to invest in Carlos’ life through sponsorship.

Carlos was finally able to go to school, and after a few months, he began opening up to his classmates. The daily fear that came with struggling to survive melted away.

No longer would he have to go hungry — there was always food waiting for him. He didn’t have to worry about getting sick — sponsored children have access to doctors. He could start thinking beyond the next day — an education was giving him opportunities for the future.

Despite these blessings, Carlos’ family still struggles. He often doesn’t eat all of his food so he can take some home to his mother; several mornings a week he sells candy for extra income.

But for the first time in his life, Carlos believes he can make things better for his family someday. He used to feel hopeless. Now, he is determined to finish his education so he can become a car mechanic.

His dream is to someday own his own workshop so he can provide for his mother and siblings.

“I remember how life was before I was sponsored,” said Carlos. “We never had enough food to eat. Now that I am sponsored, I can attend my program where I receive education every day along with a good meal. The workers love each of us, and my life is so much better being able to attend the program.”

Carlos’ life changed forever because someone decided to Be the One to provide him with an education, nutritious food, and access to the Gospel.

The love, support, and prayers of Carlos’ sponsor have helped him to become more confident while growing physically and spiritually. He’s also learned something incredibly powerful — how to hope again.

Carlos may never have had the courage to dream about his future without a sponsor. He might have remained trapped in a cycle of hopelessness and despair. He certainly wouldn’t have been able to attend school.

Just imagine the impact you can make as a sponsor!

When you choose to Be the One to invest in a child’s life, you make an impact that lasts today, tomorrow, and for eternity.


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