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The numbers are in! See your impact in the latest annual report

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Aug 06, 2021

2020 was quite the year.

When you look back you may see all the hardships: the pandemic, the food shortages, the high unemployment rates, and the shaky economies worldwide.

But when we look at the past year, we see the many people’s lives you helped save through your giving. Even when you were facing your own challenges, you continued to provide food, clean water, Bibles, and other lifesaving essentials around the world. You helped turn one of the most difficult years in recent history into a year of tremendous transformation.

Click below to download the brand-new annual report and read how your generosity made a difference around the world!

Poverty and starvation skyrocketed during 2020. Families around the globe were suddenly out of work because of lockdowns, and they could no longer afford to put food on their tables. That combined with disasters like cyclones, hurricanes, and landslides left people desperately in need of hope … and YOU helped give it to them.

Here are just a few of the ways you were a world changer:

You helped provide pandemic and disaster relief

• You played a part in providing lifesaving supplies to 738,379 people in 16 countries

• You also helped give 9,429,281 meals to starving families!

The aid you provided was a lifeline for people living in places like Nicaragua.

After Hurricanes Eta and Iota struck Central America, people were struggling to survive without food, electricity, or even clean water.

But because of the generous support of the World Help family, our partners in Nicaragua were able to deliver meals, water, clothing, medicine, and other essentials to remote communities that were hit the hardest.

You also helped deliver personal protective equipment to healthcare workers in places like Zimbabwe when they were in short supply. You helped distribute hygiene kits full of essentials like soap, shampoo, and hand sanitizer to the homeless in New York City so they could be protected from the virus. And you provided critical help to victims of the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.

You helped save lives in so many ways!

You made lasting improvements for entire communities

•  World changers like you helped fund 92 clean-water projects in 14 countries

•  You helped provide 89,029 people with access to clean water

•  The World Help family supported children through 13,492 sponsorships in 22 countries

Through your giving, you helped improve the lives of people like Julitha.

Julitha is a single mother living in Tanzania who didn’t have easy access to clean water. She had to make long treks to the nearest water source, and the water she brought home was never enough for her family of six plus her crops.

But now, Julitha’s has easy access to clean water thanks to a new water well in her village. She is so grateful for this enormous gift because now she can spend more time with her children and in church instead of collecting water.

Thank you for providing clean water and other community improvements like schools, clinics, and more. You’ve helped families live safer, healthier lives.

You sent Bibles to people all around the world

•  You were instrumental in providing 161,708 Bibles for Christians and seekers in places like Iran, Nigeria, China, and North Korea.

•  You helped plant 1,472 churches in spiritually dark places!

Your gifts this past year helped send Bibles to people like Danush, an evangelist in Iran who has devoted his life to proclaiming the Good News. Sharing the Gospel is extremely dangerous is Iran. In fact, we’ve changed Danush’s name to keep him safe. But he is willing to take that risk to tell others about Jesus, and you helped equip him to continue this ministry.

One day while riding in a taxi and talking to the driver, Danush realized the man had been searching for a Bible for a very long time. Stores don’t carry Bibles in Iran because selling God’s Word in the local language is illegal, so he couldn’t buy one and didn’t know where else to look.

Thankfully, Danush had an extra Bible with him that World Help donors had helped provide. You can imagine the taxi driver’s joy when Danush gave it to him.

It’s stories like this one that prove over and over again that you truly are making a difference that will outlive you and last for eternity.

Ship Lifesaving Supplies With World Help

Despite the trials of 2020, you made the year that thousands of people received the lifesaving help and spiritual hope they had been waiting for. Thank you for helping to transform lives during a time when the needs were greater than ever before.

In 2021, you can continue to make a difference through your giving.

You can click here if you’d like to continue making a difference and help save even more lives today. Your gift will be used to help provide essentials like emergency food, clean water, medical care, Bibles, and more to people in need.

Every $14 is enough to help meet someone’s most urgent physical and spiritual needs.

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