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The Power Of A Church

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Mar 06, 2012

There’s a common misconception that comes with giving to international aid work—you must have significant means to make a difference.

But in truth, the only things needed to make a difference are willingness and faith.

Every day, World Help has the privilege to interact with inspiring donors. Though the gifts of these individuals can vary dramatically in size, each one is inexpressibly precious to people in need around the world.

Whether small or large, World Help cherishes each partnering church and the individuals who help to bring hope through our programs. Millions of people have been transformed by our passionate supporters—supporters like Weirton Covenant Church.

Weirton Covenant is a small church with a big vision.

It has partnered with World Help for four years now to help fund numerous projects that are meeting some of the most profound needs. To date, its members have provided for clean-water wells, disaster relief efforts in Haiti, an Indian children’s school, church planting, and many more programs that are impacting thousands of lives!

The smaller size of Weirton has allowed for “a mature body as a result of the close relationships,” says Pastor James Foglio. Because of this, the congregation is a close working team that understands how they can unite to make a true and lasting difference globally.

Where many small churches doubt their ability to make a big difference, Weirton has faith that their efforts will bring true and lasting change. So how does this small church use its resources to touch lives? With aspiration, the sacrifice to match, and trust that God will use both to accomplish His will.

“Tithes and offerings are a part of our lives,” Foglio says in respect to their giving philosophy. Quite simply, they give with a mindset of saving and transforming lives. Bake sales, car washes, and other projects are just a few of the ways Weirton Covenant members have raised money to help fund these projects. And through it all, the congregation gives enthusiastically, Pastor Foglio says:

They’re excited about reaching beyond themselves and seeing the fruit of their giving.”

“Small” is a mentality that Weirton Covenant has refused to embrace.

They understand that size is not an ultimatum that determines the output of their ministry. Rather, they know that God will bring about His will through them and requires only their obedience to do so.

“With God, all things are possible. No church is too small,” Foglio says with conviction . . . because he has witnessed the fulfillment of this promise with his own eyes.

World Help is only able to operate because of people like Pastor Foglio and the members of Weirton Covenant—people of sacrifice and vision, with a determination to touch lives and make Christ known through their work. We never cease to be inspired by our supporters and the daily faith they demonstrate through their giving.

Each story we receive of a life forever changed is a testimony of your love, but more than that—it is a legacy that lives on for others to experience, be inspired by, and follow.

The reality is this: even the smallest action can save a life.

Whether you’re an individual or part of a church and desire to give beyond yourself, World Help wants you to know that no gift is too small to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow.


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