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the power of passion and willingness

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Apr 05, 2012

The Andrews family is passionate about providing clean water to those who are without. After Joshua and their 10-year-old son, Kase, returned from Guatemala, they were determined to provide clean water to the villages they had seen.

The sight of these villages was sobering as they witnessed firsthand the consequences dirty water has on the communities. Water sources are scarce, and illness from waterborne diseases is widespread—all because of the lack of clean water.

While in Guatemala, they had the opportunity to visit a local school directly affected by contaminated water. Pig farms line the river where the school is located, and the pigs share the same water that children and families are forced to use for their cooking, bathing, and drinking. This is their only source of water for the entire area.

After seeing the plight of these people, Joshua and Kase felt an immediate urgency to get involved. They started thinking about how they could literally make a difference after seeing a well installation and witnessing how it changed an entire community.

“After the trip and having participated in a well dedication, the decision was already made that we were going to provide clean water,” said Joshua.

The Andrews family has already given the funds to drill a deep-bore well in the village of El Cacao, Guatemala, and they are working on raising funds for another.

All that is needed to make a difference is passionate and willing people. When we choose to act, lives are transformed . . . saved! Every endeavor—big and small—helps to change futures.

For more information about how you can bring health and hope through the gift of clean water, click here.



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