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The Syria You Don’t Know

Vernon Brewer
Jul 15, 2013

The world is beginning to turn its back on the Syrian people.

Reports on the news only paint a partial picture of what is really happening, emphasizing the complex pieces of the political puzzle instead of the thousands of innocent people who are being slaughtered in cold blood . . . ignoring the millions more who are running for their lives from the chaos.

I know because I’ve seen this unbelievable suffering firsthand. God allowed me to go where cameras and reporters haven’t gone. Every day I was on the ground in Syria, I was able see what He sees, to experience for myself what breaks His heart.

Zaatari refugee camp

I’ve looked into the eyes of children who have witnessed their mothers being raped and their fathers being tortured. I’ve listened to an elderly man recount his miraculous escape from the hands of regime soldiers . . . but only after his home was burned to the ground and his family gunned down in front of him.

These are the stories you won’t hear on the news. But they are the stories that I am committed to tell and to keep telling. I am convinced that if we continue to ignore the people of Syria, we will see a tragedy unfold that will forever haunt the pages of human history.

You and I have a choice to make: We can stand and watch, or we can get involved.

Our partners have been working around the clock to get life-saving provisions into the hands of the most vulnerable refugee families.  Right now we are in desperate need of additional funding to continue shipping critical provisions like food, medicine, blankets, hygiene items, and more to the Syrian people. I’m asking for your help today to make an immediate impact . . . even to save a life!

Your gift of $20 is enough to provide food and medicine for a refugee child for one month. A gift of $120 will provide food and medicine for 6 refugee children for one month!

Watch Restoring Hope to Syrian Refugees from World Help on Vimeo.

As we speak, dozens of NGO’s in Syria and neighboring countries are packing up and shipping out, unable to continue their work due to lack of funding.

Meanwhile, refugee camps are bursting at the seams. Za’atari, the camp I visited earlier this year, was crammed with over 80,000 desperate refugees at the time. It now holds more than 150,000.

The people have practically nothing . . . having to choose between survival and dignity. One mother with a starving infant was forced to give her teenage daughter away to a total stranger in order to save the life of her baby. Can you imagine having to make that decision?

The violence within Syria is at an all-time high. Just a few weeks ago, the streets of two coastal Syrian towns were soaked with the blood of hundreds of innocent civilians. The bodies of families were found mingled together, charred by the flames that consumed their homes. Little children lay dead with their eyes still open in shock, their tiny bodies mangled by gunshot wounds.

These are the images that have escaped our headlines and our hearts far too long. When will we wake up to the reality of what’s at stake? When will we say ENOUGH?

It’s not about politics or opinions anymore . . . it’s about life and death. This insanity has to stop!

The good news is that we have the power to respond to the Syrian people right now . . . if we would only choose to take it.

The Syrian people need our help more than ever before. Their own government has turned against them. Those who promised to protect them are slaughtering them in cold blood. And the international community is negotiating rather than responding.

It’s up to us to be the difference. It’s up to us to step in with compassion. It’s up to us to be the Church.

I’m asking you today to be more generous than you ever have before. Your gift will reach across borders and hearts, impacting a people who God created in His own image . . . a people that He dearly loves.

Together, we can be the light when all other lights have gone out. Join me in doing something that will outlive you and last for eternity for the people of Syria.

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