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The World Help Family Made a Huge Difference in One Month

Blog Team
Oct 28, 2023


Every month, the World Family goes above and beyond in spreading help and hope around the world — and there’s a lot that can be accomplished in 30 short days!

Check out all the incredible ways you helped make an impact worldwide:

The World Help family provided emergency aid to wildfire victims in Maui …

You helped change thousands of lives in just one month!
You helped send lifesaving essentials to wildfire victims in Maui

Deadly wildfires broke out on the Hawaiian island of Maui on Aug. 8. They quickly spread, burning hundreds of homes and displacing thousands of people. The fires destroyed almost the entire community of Lahaina, and families lost belongings, livelihoods, and loved ones.

Thankfully, you responded quickly to provide hundreds of displaced people with lifesaving aid like food, clothing, shelter, and more. Because of the World Help family, wildfire victims received emergency supplies right when they needed it most!

Sent help and hope to refugees and displaced people around the world …

You helped change thousands of lives in just one month!
You provided hope to refugees facing an uncertain future

With the ongoing war in Ukraine and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, refugees and displaced people worldwide are still struggling to make ends meet — especially as the prices of essentials continue to rise.

But members of the World Help family continue to give every month to help thousands of people displaced by conflict.

Thanks to supporters like you, women in Afghanistan are learning vocational skills that will help them escape poverty. Children in Ukraine received much-needed clothing. Families in the Middle East now have access to healthcare. Your support is giving refugees and displaced men, women, and children hope for a brighter future.

Shipped containers of lifesaving supplies overseas …

You helped change thousands of lives in just one month!
Because of you, people worldwide will receive essentials like food, clothing, and hygiene items

The World Help family recently helped ship seven containers of lifesaving supplies to countries like Burundi, Cuba, Honduras, Jordan, and Zambia. These containers were filled with over $1.5 million worth of essentials that will impact more than 46,000 people — like Catalina.

Catalina is a young mother who works hard to care for her daughter. Even though she puts in long hours, the money she makes isn’t enough to buy essentials like diapers. But thanks to the support of the World Help family, Catalina received packs of diapers for her child. This gift made an incredible difference in her life!

Provided clean water to impoverished communities …

You helped change thousands of lives in just one month!
Impoverished and remote communities now have the lifesaving gift of clean water!

You also helped complete six new water projects! Because of you, over 12,000 people in countries like Malawi can now access clean drinking water.

Families can wash and cook in peace, knowing their water is clean. Children are no longer at risk of contracting waterborne diseases, and women won’t need to walk long distances to gather dirty water. What an incredible impact!

Provided support for women running a new small business in Honduras …

You helped change thousands of lives in just one month!
Several women in Honduras are earning the income their families need

A new community oven recently provided by the World Help family enabled a group of women to start a small business. For a long time, they struggled to provide for their families. Now, the profits from their business will help them buy the essentials they need!

“It is a great support for me and my family,” said Ana, one of the women running the business. “I am the breadwinner of my house, and I dedicate myself to making different foods [to sell].”

… and reached Ukrainian refugees with the Gospel!

You helped change thousands of lives in just one month!
You helped send the Gospel to young Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania!

With the help of generous people like you, 45 Ukrainian refugees recently attended a Christian summer youth camp hosted by our partners in Lithuania. There, they heard the Gospel and learned about God’s love for them!

“The presence of God was palpable. We witnessed His grace touching the Ukrainian campers as they intently absorbed the messages of the Gospel,” our partner said. “Together, we have sown seeds of hope and love that will continue to flourish in the days to come.”

These are just a few ways the World Help family has changed lives all over the world in just one month. Thank you for your generosity and support as the hands and feet of Jesus.

If you want to continue making an impact, you can give to help where needed most. Your gift will provide lifesaving essentials to men, women, and children in need worldwide.

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