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There’s still time to Be the One!

Blog Team
Aug 30, 2017

This summer, we asked you one very important question: “Will you Be the One for a child in need?”

And many of you responded!

You stepped up to connect children with life-giving resources such as food, clothing, education, medical care, and the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Now, many children, including Reda — a little girl from Nepal — have been sponsored.

But countless others all over the world are still waiting for a sponsor … wondering if they’ll always be hungry, tired, or sick. Today, you can choose to Be the One for one of the three unsponsored children below or one of the many other boys and girls waiting to be sponsored around the world. You can change a child’s life forever.

Unisha Shrestha (NPLACM271)

Unisha is a 9-year-old girl from Nepal. She loves school — the classes, the knowledge, the possibilities. Even in her free time, she finds a quiet place so she can escape into the pages of a book. Unisha hopes to become a teacher when she grows up.

However, Unisha’s dream may not come true due to her family’s financial struggles. Unisha’s father is battling cancer and cannot work, and the small income her mother makes as a farmer isn’t enough to pay her family’s bills. It’s becoming more and more difficult to afford Unisha’s school fees.

Without the opportunity to further her education, Unisha will not be able to inspire the next generation of learners. But you can Be the One to help Unisha become the woman she wants to be.

John Lutaya (UGAGSS2573)

John is a 5-year-old boy from Uganda. His mother passed away several years ago, leaving his father struggling to care for their three children on his own. His father has dedicated his life to serving others as a pastor in their community, but his small congregation can’t afford to pay him very much.

John’s family struggles every day to afford basic necessities such as healthy food and durable clothing. They are trusting the Lord will provide, but they urgently need a helping hand, especially if John wants to achieve his goal of becoming an engineer someday.

When you decide to Be the One for John, lack of food and other basic essentials won’t be issues his family has to worry about anymore. Through sponsorship, John can continue to grow into a healthy, determined young man.

Sandara Mae S. Sinag (PHLATI060)

Sandara is a 10-year-old girl who belongs to the Ati tribe of the Philippines — an indigenous community of farmers and fishermen. Because these occupations pay very little, the entire village lives in poverty.

But Sandara is working hard to build a better future for herself. She wants to learn all she can at school because she knows education is the ticket out of poverty. She is especially grateful for the opportunity to learn the English language.

You can Be the One to make sure Sandara stays in school and continues on the path to success.


Today, you can Be the One for a child living with big dreams and no way to fulfill them.

If you’d like to sponsor Unisha, John, or Sandara, please call 1-800-541-6691 and mention the ID number beside their name. Or discover one of the many other children awaiting sponsorship by visiting our website.


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