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These kids had a great school year … thanks to their sponsors!

For many sponsored kids around the world, this past school year was their first time back in the classroom for in-person learning since the start of the pandemic. And thanks to the school supplies generous sponsors provided last year, they had everything they needed to be successful!

Thank you to all of the sponsors who helped provide essentials like backpacks, uniforms, textbooks, and more for your sponsored child and other kids in need.

Here are a few examples of school supplies the children received:


School supplies allow impoverished children to get an education and escape poverty

Both private and public schools throughout India have a dress code, so sponsored children received uniforms that their families otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. They also received brand-new textbooks, and each child was given plenty of school supplies — including pens, pencils, crayons, and coloring books.


Many sponsored children are the first in their families to receive an education

The children in our Nepal sponsorship programs received many of these same school supplies as well as backpacks. Calculators were also distributed among the older kids to help them with difficult math problems. And at one school, children even received new sports equipment and games like badminton, jump ropes, volleyballs, chessboards, and more!


After nearly two years of lockdowns, sponsored children are excited to be back in the classroom

Children in Haiti have been through a lot over the past year or so with closed borders, food shortages, and the aftermath of the president’s assassination which shocked the nation. But going to school is a constant in their lives that helps bring them much-needed stability. And thanks to their sponsors, these kids in Haiti had a wonderful school year. In addition to receiving typical school supplies, the staff made it a priority to purchase a new Bible for each student and classroom too!


Since impoverished families can’t afford school supplies, generous sponsors give boys and girls the tools to succeed

Our incredible World Help sponsors support children in over 50 communities in Guatemala, many of which are located high in the mountains in remote villages. Getting access to even the most basic school supplies can be a challenge for families living in these areas, but thanks to sponsors and the dedicated sponsorship staff, every single child received books, notebooks, and other tools they would need this past year in the classroom.


Sponsored children are so thankful to their sponsors for providing them with help for today and hope for tomorrow!

The sponsored kids in Burundi looked sharp as they lined up for a picture in their new school uniforms provided by their sponsors. They each also received writing utensils and a stack of notebooks. Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world, and these boys and girls understand that school is the key to helping them escape poverty. These school supplies will help them get there!

If you aren’t a sponsor but would like to know more about this incredible opportunity, click the link below to learn how you can start investing in a child’s life today.

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