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‘This best gift: the living Word of God’

Emily Towns
May 21, 2018

Gregorio had hit rock bottom. He sat at the top of a mountain battling the worst depression of his life.

He was searching for answers, searching for hope, but nothing seemed to satisfy. That is, until a copy of God’s Word completely changed his life.

Today, Gregorio is the pastor of a congregation in El Nanzal, Guatemala. But years ago, he was withdrawn from society … addicted to drugs and alcohol. One day, he was hiking up a mountain, hoping to find answers in his solitude.

Suddenly, he remembered something he had stashed in his backpack — a Bible from his aunt. He carried it around all this time, not because he wanted to read it but because it was a sign of his aunt’s love. Gregorio looked at the Bible and recalled what she said when she handed it to him.

“This will help you.”

Gregorio started to read the Bible and soon accepted Christ as his Savior. Jesus showed him a way out of his despair and filled him with hope. Today, Gregorio is sharing that hope with the people in his congregation.

When Bibles were recently provided for the people of El Nanzal, it was Pastor Gregorio who had the privilege of distributing them throughout the community.

“Since the moment the population of [El Nanzal] received Bibles, there began a transformational change in the life of each person who was a beneficiary of this best gift: the living Word of God,” Gregorio said. “These transformations are evident in their delighted faces, filled with a smile. Now, I testify of the work the Lord is doing in their lives.”

God’s Word is the best gift you can give.

When you become a Bibles for All donor, you provide five Bibles around the world each month — for just $25. Each Bible will remind someone that he is loved and will point him to God, just like the Bible Gregorio’s aunt gave him years ago.

“We know the Lord will bless these people for their good heart and this big work in delivering Bibles to the poor people in far communities of Guatemala,” Gregorio said. “Really we don’t have words to express our gratefulness for this gift.”

Because people frequently share their Bibles with family and friends, each copy sent impacts an average of five people. And like Gregorio, many of these individuals will then go and share that Bible with someone else. Before you know it, an entire community can be transformed.

Click below to learn more about Bibles for All and how you can make an impact that will continue to grow — and last for eternity.

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