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This letter from a Syrian refugee is heartbreaking

Rachel Godwin
Sep 04, 2018

You’ve read about the refugee crisis and seen photos in the news. But there’s nothing like hearing about it from someone who is living it.

World Help recently received this letter from a Syrian refugee. It’s heartbreaking, but we had to share it. We knew you would want to read it and help.

First of all, I would like to say that Syria was a beautiful country — everything was cheap and available, people had jobs, schools, and lives — until the war started.

People were working, eating, traveling to the sea for the holiday, taking care of their relatives, and in general enjoying life. When something bad happened, everyone was surprised.

But after the war started and after my family became refugees, everything changed. Poverty became normal, and we were no longer surprised when we heard about someone dying from hunger or thirst. It was “normal” to us when we heard about women [going] to work as prostitutes to make some money to support their families.

We were forced to buy water and barely earned enough to pay for our most basic bills. Talking with other Syrian refugee families, I have had the chance to hear hundreds of stories about what happened to these families and how they left their relatives to work and to do whatever they could to survive.

Personally, I suffered a lot during these events. To understand my feelings, I would like to ask about your feelings if everything you built in your life — your house, your job, your car, your relationships — suddenly vanished for a sin that you never did.

I believe there are no words that can explain what is in my mind and heart.

It’s hard to imagine what refugees are going through … but letters like this one make it a little more real.

The man who wrote this letter stresses the fact that he used to be just like you and me before he became a refugee. In fact, after speaking with him more, our partners learned he was once a lawyer. He married his college sweetheart, and they had two beautiful children — a boy and a girl.

But when the war came, he lost everything.

“My house was destroyed by a bomb,” he said. “My office was taken over by a militant group, and all I had built from the beginning had gone away — even my papers and my money. It meant I had nothing.”

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in a similar situation … if your life savings disappeared, if your home were demolished, and you had no way to provide for your family?

Most likely, you would probably pray. And that’s what this man is doing, too.

Despite all the trauma and loss he has experienced, he is trusting that God will take care of him. Will you allow God to use you today to answer the prayers of one refugee?

The reality is people like the man who wrote this letter still desperately need your help … even if their daily struggle for survival is no longer front-page news. In fact, many refugees have been living far from home for years, and they are starting to lose hope.

But you can give them help for today and hope for tomorrow. All it takes is $35 to provide lifesaving aid for one refugee.

And thanks to generous corporate donations and grants, your $35 gift will be multiplied to provide $189 worth of food, clean water, and other lifesaving supplies to someone who has lost everything.

Will you rescue a person in need today?

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