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This School Is a Beacon of Hope in Rwanda!

Megan Stoia
Apr 13, 2024


Following the Rwandan genocide in 1994, government leaders pleaded with those who had fled the country to return home. Rwanda needed all the help it could get to rebuild what had been lost during the bloody massacre.

Bishop Nathan — our partner and the founder of Star School — was one of many who answered this call.

Bishop Nathan began preaching at the Blessed Mango Tree Church upon his return to Rwanda. It quickly became a pillar of the Kigali community, focusing on helping the lost, the last, and the least.

But as time went on, Bishop Nathan felt weighed down by the enormity of the situation. In the wake of the genocide, 95,000 children lost their parents. There was no one to look after their physical, spiritual, or educational needs … and one church could not care for them on its own.

Following the Lord’s call for his life, Bishop Nathan decided to partner with other churches, government agencies, and nonprofits like World Help to open the Star School!

Rwandan Children go to school
Education helps boys and girls break the cycle of poverty and achieve their dreams

When it opened in 2008, the Star School opened its doors to welcome 450 children. Today, more than 1,400 students are enrolled — and an additional 300 boarding students stay on campus!

Many children who come to attend Star School are either orphans or come from low-income families … and most of them can’t afford to pay tuition. But thanks to the incredible generosity of supporters like our child sponsors, they have the opportunity to go to school.

Unlike the U.S. education system, Rwandan grade levels aren’t based on age. No matter how old a child is when they start school, they begin at the nursery level to ensure every child has a solid foundation and is set up to succeed in the classroom.

Over the past 16 years, operations at Star School have expanded. The school grounds now include a library, science lab, computer room, and more. Outside, there is a farm and a greenhouse, as well as basketball and volleyball courts.

To help encourage responsibility, children help care for the livestock and tend to the gardens. Before classes begin, they help milk the cows and collect eggs from chickens. These will then be taken to the kitchen for their lunch. Any leftovers can go home with the students for their parents or be sold in a local market for a small income.

Chickens at the Star School
Each chicken at the Star School will lay about 250 eggs a year!

While on campus, Star School students also learn about the genocide. They focus on what unites Rwanda instead of what divides it … which helps heal tensions between the Hutu and Tutsi children.

But most importantly, students at Star School hear the Gospel. They’re encouraged to grow in their faith daily and build a relationship with Jesus Christ.

By providing a safe space for children to grow and learn, Bishop Nathan and other staff hope the children they care for will grow up and be the change that Rwanda needs. Star School’s mission is to equip and empower its students to make a difference, both in Rwanda and around the world.

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