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Three gifts to give the child in your life

Emily Towns
Nov 14, 2018

“I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, only a hippopotamus will do …”

It’s a funny Christmas song, one that’s sure to get stuck in your head. This is the time of year when kids of all ages begin to compose “The List.” The list of things, big and small, that they hope to find under the tree on Christmas morning.

There are few things more exciting than seeing the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child. The twinkly lights, the Christmas carols, and the anticipation of Christmas morning — these are all wonderful parts of the holiday season. But one of the best parts of Christmas is the joy that comes from blessing others.

This Christmas, you can pass on that joy to the kids in your life by giving a gift that will make an incredible impact for someone in need.

Here are several ways your gift can provide help and hope around the world … while also teaching a powerful lesson close to home.

Give winter coats in their honor

Every child can relate to being cold. However, many children around the world have no way to warm up! They walk to school or do chores without a winter coat — many of these kids get sick from exposure to the elements. But there’s something you can do!

As you bundle up your kids to face the cold weather, consider giving winter coats in their honor. For just $35, you and your children can send this lifesaving gift to children who desperately need it.


Donate income-producing chickens together

Most children love animals. When I was growing up, my room was full of stuffed dogs, plastic horses, and more. I just thought animals were fun, but I had no idea how much a single pair of chickens could impact a family. This Christmas, you and your child can bless a family living in poverty by giving the gift of livestock.

Chickens will give a family a constant supply of fresh, nutrient-dense eggs that will help children fight malnutrition. Whatever eggs are left, the family can sell, giving them a much-needed source of income.


Buy them this cuddly stuffed giraffe

If you are looking for a tangible gift with a major impact, then consider purchasing a stuffed giraffe for the child in your life. It also makes the perfect baby shower present! These beautiful, stuffed animals are more than a fun toy. When you purchase one of these colorful giraffes, you are supporting the artisan in Uganda who made it. Plus, you’re giving him a way to support his family.

But there’s more — a portion of every dollar you spend will also provide a meal for one hungry child. That means your purchase of each stuffed giraffe feeds five kids! Show the children in your life the meaning of Christmas by giving a gift that provides help and hope.



Still not seeing the perfect gift? How about purchasing a World Help Gift Card? You choose the amount to give, and the kids in your life get to choose what life-changing gift they will send to a family in need.

They will love flipping through the catalog or browsing online as they decide what to give someone on the other side of the world.

This Christmas, you can share the world with your child by purchasing gifts that will truly make a difference!


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