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Three siblings. No parents. And now no food …

Sam Campbell
Jun 25, 2020

Tau, Chimini, and Daxa are only teenagers, but their lifetime has been full of struggles. Growing up in Nepal, these two sisters and their older brother have known heartache from a young age. Their father died from cancer several years ago, and their mother went abroad to work. Now, all they have is each other.

Out of respect for all they’ve been through, we’ve changed their names to protect their privacy.

When school was in session, the siblings received food each day. But then the coronavirus hit, throwing the country into lockdown. No school. No traveling. No way for them to regularly get a warm meal. Food is their biggest need, just like countless children around the world during this pandemic.

Your gift today will help rescue people like Tau, Chimini, and Daxa with essentials like nutritious food, clean water, medical care, hygiene kits, and more. Plus, your gift DOUBLES thanks to a generous matching gift!

The school year in Nepal runs from April to March. So, when the pandemic started spreading, the siblings were enjoying their month-long break. The little money their mother was able to send back home helped cover meals and rent for a room in the village. It helped with food for that month they were out of classes … but even that was a stretch.

There was little left over for anything else, and since the siblings are all young students, they were unable to work themselves.

They were looking forward to going back to school. But the coronavirus continued to spread around the world.

On March 24, Nepali went under nationwide lockdown. The siblings could no longer go back to school. They couldn’t go anywhere. They had no idea what they would do once the money ran out.

“People in Nepal are afraid and feel very insecure during these times,” one of our Nepal partners said.

In fact, the pandemic has brought so much fear and placed so much stress on families in Nepal that suicides have risen during the nearly three-month lockdown. These tragic deaths are the result of impoverished people losing their jobs and not being able to pay their bills. Or buy food. Or provide for their families.

They become so hopeless they feel there is no other option but to take their own lives.

Right now, families and children like Tau, Chimini, and Daxa are looking for hope. The virus has taken everything away from them, leaving them hungry, broke, and desperate. They don’t know what to do.

They don’t know how to survive.

“Nepal being such a small country, the impact of the coronavirus has been disastrous,” our partner said. “The moment when industry, factories, businesses, department stores, and small shops were closed down, that was the end of everything for those people who used to depend on earning daily wages.”

Lockdown restrictions in Nepal were eased June 14, but Nepali schools and public transportation remain closed. June has also seen the country’s largest spike in coronavirus cases. It could be weeks — or months — before children return to school and have regular access to food and education again.

Impoverished families all around the globe are facing these same challenges. Food is by far the greatest need, and many people worldwide remain out of work.

Today, you can give someone a new beginning.

You can help provide a single mother, a child, or even a feeble widow with lifesaving aid like emergency food, medical care, hygiene kits, and more. These supplies will help carry them through the fallout of the coronavirus.

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Will you provide help and hope for people like Tau, Chimini, and Daxa during this worldwide crisis?

Your doubled gift could help keep someone alive.

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