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Join Tippi Toes Dance and World Help in a mission to give kids freedom

As a member of the Tippi Toes Dance family, you understand that children need to be surrounded by a positive, nurturing environment and encouraged to chase their dreams. But in places like Guatemala, Thailand, and India’s Banchara community, children in poverty don’t have those opportunities. With YOUR help, Tippi Toes Dance can reach the goal of 200 child sponsorships to help rescue girls and boys in need.

Freedom from poverty: Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in Central America, and it’s often the children who suffer most. When a child’s family can’t afford food, their body starts to shut down from malnutrition. And without proper medical care, there is little chance he will ever fully recover.

Kids born into this overwhelming poverty have little hope of ever escaping. They will likely struggle to survive their entire lives, and their own children will face the same challenges.

But you can help stop this vicious cycle of poverty in its tracks. Your sponsorship will provide life-changing essentials like food, clean water, medical care, educational opportunities, and more!

Freedom from slavery: Thailand and India

In Thailand and India, girls are expected to be the breadwinners in their families. Since most girls can’t afford an education, many of them spend their entire lives working in the area’s booming sex industry — sometimes starting at age 12!

But girls aren’t the only victims of this culture. Boys growing up in these environments quickly learn by watching men treat women as objects to be used — and they may even become abusers themselves.

By sponsoring a child in Thailand or India, you can help keep them away from the dangers of the sex industry by providing essentials like a safe place to live, medical care, healthy food, and educational opportunities.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a child below to sponsor.
  2. With your $35 monthly gift, you will provide essentials like clothing, medical care, healthy food, and educational opportunities.
  3. You’ll also be able to write your sponsored child letters and send words of encouragement and love!

Children waiting to be rescued in Guatemala

Children waiting to be rescued in Thailand and India

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