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Today is World Water Day – give someone the lifesaving gift of clean water

Chasey Pittsley
Mar 22, 2023


Did you know that even though water covers most of Earth’s surface, only 3% is actually drinkable? And out of that, we only have reliable access to a tiny amount — less than 2%, to be specific.

When we turn on the faucet to wash our hands or grab a bottle of water from the refrigerator, we don’t often think about how limited water really is. With clean water at our fingertips, it may seem like the world has an unlimited supply.

But that isn’t the case for many places around the globe … including this small village in South Asia.

Nestled in the mountainous region of South Asia, this village is home to around 500 people, most of whom are farmers. They depend on water not only for consumption, but also for their crops.

But to reach their only water source, residents had to walk to a stream over 30 minutes away from the village.

Give someone the gift of water today
Countless people around the world have to travel an hour or more every day just to gather water

Lugging water back and forth is time-consuming and exhausting. And, to make matters worse, the water wasn’t even safe to drink. The bacteria in the water put them at risk for easily preventable diseases like cholera, dysentery, and parasitic infections.

“There [was] no proper water for drinking because the water they get from the flowing river is not safe for drinking,” one of the village pastors said.

A lack of clean water impacts more than just health — children often have to choose between going to school and getting water for their families. Adults sometimes must choose between retrieving water or going to work.

For a long time, the water crisis seemed hopeless, and it wasn’t getting any better. So, the people began praying to God for an answer.

“As we experienced the lack of water at our church, I shared it as a prayer request in the congregation … during fellowship,” said Pastor Adesh*, the local church leader. Then, God made a way!

Give someone the gift of water today
You can give relief to someone living without safe drinking water

The World Help family helped fund a well that now provides water for the entire community. For the first time, they have clean water for drinking, bathing, and washing clothes.

“God made a way for us, and now we are provided with clean drinking water at our church compound,” Pastor Adesh said.

Thanks to generous donors, this community in South Asia no longer has to worry about walking for over an hour every day to get water. Now they have fresh, clean, and safe water right in their village!

Give someone the gift of water today
The gift of clean water restores hope and security to entire communities

But there are still people all around the world waiting and praying for access to safe drinking water. And today, you can celebrate World Water Day by helping meet this critical need!

In fact, for just $15, you can provide one person with clean water for an entire year!

Clean water is truly life-changing. When people have access to clean water, they no longer have to worry about catching waterborne diseases. They can find jobs without taking time every day to haul water. And children don’t have to sacrifice their educations to provide for their families.

Plus, wells are often built next to churches, schools, or other community gathering areas. When people come to retrieve water, they’ll have the chance to hear the Gospel, too! Your gift won’t just help save lives … it will also demonstrate the powerful love of God.

Water is essential for survival, and no one should have to go without it. Give $15 today and provide someone with a year of lifesaving clean water.

*Name changed for privacy


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