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Packing List

Packing List

(download a printable copy)

Daily Ministry

{Make sure you are packing comfortable, lightweight clothing.}

 Casual pants, long shorts, capris, or skirts
 Shirts, t-shirts, modest tops
 Comfortable walking shoes, flip-flops (shower)

Church Service/Important Meetings

(It’s best to have 1 nice outfit (with maybe an extra shirt) that you can reuse if needed.)

 Khakis, slacks, or skirts
 Collared shirts, blouses
 Nice shoes, dressy sandals, low heals (easy to walk in)

Personal Items

 Toothbrush/Toothpaste
 Soap
 Shampoo/Conditioner
 Deodorant
 Comb/Brush
 Band-Aids
 Antiseptic Cream
 Chapstick
 Nail clippers
 Personal medication (Tylenol, allergy medicine, prescriptions, etc.)
 Vitamins
 Imodium AD (anti-diarrheal)
 Pepto Bismol (for nausea)


 Tissue packets
 Antibacterial wipes or hand gel
 Travel alarm clock
 Watch
 Electrical adapter and converter (Electricity: 220 volts AC)
 Suitcase locks
 Bible (compact style suggested)
 Camera/Video camera (with extra batteries)
 Journal or notebook
 Pencil/pen
 Contacts/glasses (cleaners/solutions for contacts)
 Sunglasses
 Cash for souvenirs – dollar bills should not be older than 2007
 Neck pillow and earplugs for the plane
 Sunscreen/suntan lotion
 Flashlight
 Insect repellent
 Ziplock/plastic bags
 Snacks: energy bars, granola bars, candy, gum, cereal bars, crackers, dried fruit, and peanuts

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