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Turn $1 into $33 worth of lifesaving supplies

Vernon Brewer
Oct 25, 2017

In refugee camps and poverty-stricken villages around the world, supplies are desperately low. And with the coldest winter months approaching, many people are wondering how they will survive.

But today, you can ship over $1,500 worth of food, medicine, and other lifesaving aid to someone in need — all for $50!

That’s because every dollar you give multiplies 33X!

Right now — because of generous corporate donors and grants — we have essential provisions sitting in warehouses. They are ready to be sent to people who need them most, but your help is needed to ship them!

I’ve seen refugees stand in line for hours for a small bag of rice … only to realize the food was going to run out before it was their turn. The panic on a mother’s face when she discovers she has nothing to feed her children is truly heartbreaking.

But you can send emergency food today! You’ll send food, medicine, and — as the winter months approach — warm clothes and blankets to survive the brutal cold and wind.

Your generosity can mean the difference between life and death. And because your gift multiplies …

• $50 will ship $1,650 worth of lifesaving aid.

• $100 will ship an incredible $3,300 worth of aid!

You have the opportunity to help someone like Bakkar, a Muslim refugee from Iraq whose name I’ve changed to protect his identity.

Bakkar’s family was freezing at night in the refugee camp, so when he learned that a shipment of blankets and other supplies had arrived, he went to see if he could get some for his family. Unbelievably, the person handing out the aid was a Christian whose home Bakkar had looted!

Afraid and feeling guilty, Bakkar asked, “Why are you helping us?”

The man answered simply, “Jesus told me to love you.”

Amazing! God used generous donors, a shipment of aid, and a Syrian Christian to minister to a refugee by providing physical aid and eternal hope. Because when you send emergency supplies today, you do more than save a life. You can introduce someone to the love of Christ!

But the supplies in Bakkar’s camp are already running low. Many more people in other refugee camps and impoverished communities are still struggling to survive. But you can help right now with your gift today. You’ll not only be meeting physical needs — you’ll be opening doors to share the Gospel and providing life-changing help for people around the world.

Here’s how it works:

• Donated critical items such as medical supplies, staple foods, durable clothing, blankets, and hygiene kits are sitting in our warehouse.

• Your donation pays for shipping.

The impact of your gift is incredible! 

Every dollar you give sends $33 in emergency aid and supplies that will help people who are hungry and struggling to hold on this winter.

Please give today to ship as many food items and emergency supplies as you can.

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