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Typhoon Victims: Homeless, Starving, Alone

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Nov 15, 2013

It’s been a week since super Typhoon Haiyan ripped through the Philippines, triggering one of the most urgent humanitarian emergencies ever to strike the impoverished nation.

Our team has reported back that the loss is truly unimaginable.

“Today was by far my most emotionally stretching day in 20 years of ministry,” said Les Tilka, our partner and relief-team leader. “I was totally unprepared for the widespread devastation and body bags lining the streets, the stench of death everywhere.”

Watch Typhoon Haiyan | Crisis Relief from World Help on Vimeo.

Many have compared the severity of the destruction to the 2004 tsunami that buried over 200,000 victims in Southeast Asia. As hundreds of bodies are being pulled from the rubble every day, the magnitude of Haiyan’s grim legacy is slowly being uncovered.

Although some international aid has arrived, thousands still have not eaten anything in days . . . some since before Haiyan struck. The children are beginning to starve.

Today, we stand committed to the survivors; continuing our around-the-clock response to countless typhoon victims facing this unfathomable tragedy.

We desperately need your support today to provide life-saving aid supplies to families in dire circumstances.

Our teams will continue to save as many lives as we can and offer a glimpse of hope to people who have lost everything they have.

Haiyan Philippines aftermath

We’re urging you today, as our faithful family of supporters, to step up like you never have before. Give with urgency. Pray with urgency. (tweet this) And stand with us for the sake of the multitudes whose lives will never be the same.

Together, we can be the answer for millions in the Philippines who are still waiting for help to arrive.

Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Response


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